J.J. Abrams Returning To Small-Screen Directing With 'Undercovers'

J.J. Abrams may be a be a big-time Hollywood director with his helming turns on “Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible 3,” but he’s still making time for TV.

J.J. is negotiating to direct the opening episode of “Undercovers,” an NBC pilot he’s executive producing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The last pilot he directed was the two-part opening to “Lost” in 2004, a show launch that hooked millions of viewers and set the stage for his big-screen career.

Among his other TV directing credits are a 2007 episode of NBC’s “The Office” and a guest directing stint on a 2006 episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” as well as work on episodes of “Alias,” a show he wrote and produced.

His latest show, “Undercovers,” is reportedly a spy drama along the lines of “The Bourne Identity” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

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