Kathy Griffin On Ending 'My Life On The D-List': 'I'm A Little Different Than Kate Gosselin'

Kathy Griffin’s less-than glamorous Hollywood adventure is coming to a close. The comedian is ending her Emmy Award-winning Bravo series, “My Life On The D-List,” after six seasons.

“It was a really tough decision because I think of ‘The D-List’ as pretty much my baby for the last six seasons and I also think it was really time to stop doing it,” the 50-year-old star told People. “Reality is great, but I really didn’t set out to be a reality star. So now it’s time to spread my wings and show that I’m a little different than Kate Gosselin… I’m not saying better, but maybe separate myself from the pack a little bit.”

She might be ending her hit reality series, but she’s slated to remain on Bravo with a series of new comedy specials airing in 2011.

“I just cannot get enough or do enough stand-up,” she told the mag. “And there’s so much fun stuff going on – from Oprah’s launch of [cable network] OWN … not to mention the new Paula Abdul show [‘Live to Dance’] or who knows what celebrity run-in I’ve had myself.”

Adding, “[I’m] trying to keep the material as up-to-the-minute as possible,” she explained. “Audiences know when they come to see me live, they’re going to see new stuff. [And] as long as there’s a show called ‘My Strange Addiction’ about a woman who only eats toilet paper … then I have to do stand up.”

Fans might also still see some of their “D-List” favorites in an improvised sitcom that Kathy is hoping to get off the ground.

”[It will feature] some characters from the ‘D-List’ that you’ve come to love, and then maybe I’ll have actors play a couple other characters that are from my real life,” she told the mag.

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