Kenny Chesney Talks Past Romances & Wanting A Family

Kenny Chesney may be known for being country music’s most eligible bachelor, but he’s open to love.

“Do I still believe in falling in love? Sure. Do I think it exists? Yep. Have I felt it? Yes, and who wouldn’t want to feel that again,” he told Robin Roberts on Tuesday’s “In The Spotlight with Robin Roberts” on ABC.

The country music superstar also said he hopes to one day have a family.

“Oh, of course, no doubt about it,” he said. “I really don’t envision, you know, everything in my life revolving around sound check and catering at 5 o’clock… I don’t want that.”

Kenny was married in 2005, briefly, to Oscar winner Renee Zellweger, but the union was annulled after just a few months. And when asked about his past relationships having a bearing on his future ones, Kenny said he’s learned from the experiences.

“I think everybody learns, I hope,” Kenny told Robin. “I recorded a song one time, called I ‘Done A Lot of Things Different.’ Of course I would have done things different, in my personal life.”

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