Leslie Mann: I Couldn't Resist Grabbing Kate Upton's Butt!

Kate Upton abd Leslie Mann film of 'The Other Woman' on June 27, 2013 in New York City. Kate Upton abd Leslie Mann film of 'The Other Woman' on June 27, 2013 in New York City.

Leslie Mann has gone somewhere some folks can only dream about – to Kate Upton’s backside!

The actress revealed that while filming “The Other Woman” with Kate she couldn’t help herself when it came to the Sports Illustrated model’s cover-worthy tush.

“She turned 21 while we were working last summer and she’s like a little girl and… at the time I had a 15-year-old and so she’s only five years older than my daughter and she acts like a little girl, she looks like a woman, but she acts like a little girl,” she told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, complimenting the actress’ youthful vibe, on Access Hollywood Live from CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Friday.

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And when Leslie found herself in close proximity of Kate’s rear, she couldn’t help herself.

“One day she was walking ahead of me, up a flight of stairs and I was walking behind her and she had these little short shorts on and I was just I looked at her butt and… I just grabbed her butt!” she revealed.

Kate was a little taken aback by Leslie’s backside action.

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“She turned around and looked at me like, ‘What the hell, you weirdo pervert?’ But yeah, she’s like a little girl, but she looks like a woman,” the actress said of her co-star.

Besides her natural physical talents, Leslie was impressed with Kate’s acting skills.

“Kate is a really good actress. She’s surprisingly good at improvising, I don’t know where that comes from, but she was great and we love each other,” she said.

“The Other Woman,” also starring Cameron Diaz and Taylor Kinney, opens on April 25.

-- Jesse Spero

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