Marlon Wayans Scares Up The Funny In 'A Haunted House 2' & Shares His...

Marlon Wayans Scares Up The Funny In 'A Haunted House 2' & Shares His Super Bowl Frontrunner

Marlon Wayans chats with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live about his latest “scary” spoof, “A Haunted House 2.” Which films are they going after this time around? Plus, who is he pulling for in the Super Bowl? And, why is the Super Bowl so special for his family? “A Haunted House 2” opens April 18 and he’s currently on a comedy tour with his brother, Shaun.

Keep it here. Coming down with something. Don't know what's wrong with me. Haunted house ii. Adult fun. Did the casting? I always do casting, making sure it's all right for the audience. You know how it is. Look at this. I want to roll in the fire right now. I just want to roll in and it took it. A hot toddy right there. That will warm you right up. What's this stuff -- I think -- I don't know. That's liquor. Start harmonizing with somebody. Crockett comes out in April. The first one, we did for 1.7 and made 16 million worldwide, and the second one -- $1.7 million budget? Amazing. Only 3 million Tuesday -- $3 million on this one. Your wallet got bigger. Don't say that. The family is watching. Have to watch my money. I feel poor. What is this? We're going after -- actually, it's haunting me, we have insidious 2 and anything, and the possession, it's really funny. I'm really proud. Gabriel Iglesias. He is really funny so check this out. That is his Twitter handle, fluffy. His street name. Fluffy. What's up? You're getting blacker and blacker over the years. You're more hip, more -- I got moves. You got gloves on. My guys don't wear gloves. My guys don't have gloves. Super bowl, you have a team? Do you gamble? I don't gamble. I only gamble on what I do. I can't bet on other people. So I'll good for Peyton manning. Denver broncos. Oh! You can't go against Peyton manning. His head is so big, this is how -- you can't beat a guy whose head is this big. He got it all. Of course, they're a friend of mine. If the big man, the sheriff, big head wins, drops the mic and walks out. No. Needs to play two more seasons like his contract says and then reup and too it -- one of those guys, he is in the pocket and doesn't run and has years. I saw Joe Montana in Kansas City chiefs Jersey, it's too late. Peyton already left Indianapolis and now is at Denver making another legacy. He will still have a better season than his brother had this year. I got no swag on me. You look like chip. Thank you. I'm performing with my brother, and I want you to check out my digital web site, what at the -- what the funny. And April 19th, haunted house ii comes on. When brother is in town -- We go to every club. I never slept. What's it like with you and your brother? It's a great time. I go out first. He goes in after me. Actually talked about doing a tour, the first ever -- What is the name? Voltar. And it's a cartoon, Japanese. Remember -- Who is the golden child as your brother. My mom. Who is the favorite. Me. Are you the golden child? My mommy loves me. They're jealous because mom loves me the best. She saved the best for last. There will be a response. I'm going to the game. I'm taking my son, who was born on super bowl Sunday 12 years ago, so on kickoff, cracked my miller lite and get a call, baby, my water broke. And I'm like, can't you hold it three more hours until after the game? I watched them -- while the game was on. Your poor wife. I think she was like, you know what? Never going -- you're watching the game while I'm in labor? What's wrong with you. Watch this. And I'm, I'm sorry. April 18th. Out on comedy tour. Straight ahead. Speaking of comedy, jay Leno. Explains what led him into the closet in the first place and why he is not ashamed about being in the closet and out of