Mary Lambert On Her Moving 'Same Love' Grammy Performance: 'I Cried For...

Mary Lambert On Her Moving 'Same Love' Grammy Performance: 'I Cried For 48 Hours'

Singer Mary Lambert joins Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live to talk about her Grammy performance with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Madonna during the “Same Love” mass wedding ceremony. How emotional was the experience for Mary? And, what was it like having her girlfriend, “The Voice’s” Michelle Chamuel, at the Grammys? Finally, how great was it to work with Madonna? Mary’s album “Welcome to the Age of My Body” is available now.

Mary joined us last week to talk about her new et. Welcome to the age of my body. Back with us now. You didn't mention a thing. Did you know about the wedding. You were being. I was so good. I'm so proud of myself. You said there might be something. Some secret. I'm good. Emotionally what was that like to witness that. I cried for like 48 hours. I was going through each rehearsal just sobbing. There's a picture of all of my tissues because, you know, I wrote the song in two hours. I sat in a vocal booth. We recorded it in one night. And then to hear this beautiful choir behind me to hear Madonna singing my lyric is like beyond -- this magnitude was overwhelming of like this is the art can do it's so beautiful. It was like I couldn't even I couldn't handle it. Did you catch that. Wrote in two hours in. 2 hours. That's a professional writ there. You write song and slaivd over for like two months and 2 years. Yes. No I can't quite get it. Sometimes it just comes. It's nice because they have the framework to it. They just need, they were looking a chorus so the chord was there and it was like this works perfectly. Did Mclemore and Ryan lewis the little hook in the middle there. Did they say we are charging you with doing this or you have a shot at it if you get it right we give it to you or they say it's yours. Take as long as you need how did it work out. I think it was sort like a last resort because they had asked a lot of people and I was playing music for 4 people. We had a friend in common that suggested me. I think they saw a you tube video of me singing. Bring her in. We'll try it. Send her the track. You are very humble. Describe your life now from a year ago. The song was released but it definitely, I don't think it had gone, I don't think it had such momentum as it of course as does now. It was just hitting radio. But I was bartending still. And living at home and I think I had planned my first solo tour and hi like, hi had been booking my own things. Spent the last year trying to learn and soak up the industry. So performing the song. Madonna comes out. Queen latifah. All this is happening. What do you focus on? What are you thinking about? Are you looking at the couple? Are you lacking at Madonna? Are you think about your own life? What's going on there. Well, I think because I was on tour with the boys like -- you get to a place where you are performing the Songer night and how do you keep it fresh and genuine and for me it's really important to take that, I have a prayer before I go on stage and what do you say. Well I just, I think I thank god for the opportunity to be on a platform to spread this message and to, I don't know what I did in my life to have been given this opportunity but I just don't want to take it for granted and want to use it for good. You know. I don't want to just use it for the sake of ego. People on this platform, you have this beautiful opportunity to do something incredible. Like why wouldn't you? So I want to take that moment and like thank you for for giving me this and then when I'm singing I really, I really want to make sure that I'm conscious of the impact I make and I'm really, you know blessed and honored and haveblessed and honored and have, to be here. You haven't had an easy life lacking back at the childhood all the way through. Is music what saved you. Yes. If I couldn't write if I couldn't sing I woui couldn't sing I would be dead. Period. You mention you thank god every night and before you go out. You left your church didn't you when were you 17. Were you feeling -- funny not funny but I'm think about your faith and maybe your faith would be shaken with all you went through. That young aim we talk about it before. You were assaulted by a group of guys on an army base which is just horrible and yet your faith is strong or different. It shifted for sure. I was raised pent cost.take. The church was passionate in high school. Everybody goes to this church and the music is cool and everything is awesome but it was still the ideology of love the sinner hate the sin which I was I have this distorted perception of my sexual orientation and so it was like well as soon as I came out I was like well, I'm gay. That's really not changing any time soon but at least what I can do is apologies to god. Repent every day and like you are 17 and you feel like you are a freak already and so to have that, to be the very shame every day of your life and sitting on the pew on Sunday crying because of guilt because of who you love or who you are attracted to and I like I got to a priest thito a priest this is not correct. This idea is distorted and my love is valid and beautiful and I'm not going to apologies for it. When did you figure out that god is okay with that or when did it come to terms with you that he loves me. It took about a year. It took about a year to really settle in and it was when I left the church and I don't have anything bad to say about. I think that it's just -- I actually think that the evangelical church, commission anti-is shifting into the beautiful place of love because love is universal. So I I feel there are a lot of great churches and there are a lot of bad churches. For me personally my spiritual, my spiritual world is a personal one. You are a little coy last time you have a new girlfriend Michelle sham el. Wish she was here. She was so darli. So what was it like sharing the grammy with her and how emotional to watch the wedding and be there and so proud. She's wonderful. She's very supportive and she was fantastic. She was in a gray blazer so it was really nasty to have her there. She's very supportive. She's in love. Look at her blushing right there sham el. We love her tell her to come on. We miss her she was terrific. Madonna can we talk about Madonna. I have one question because we talked about it the other day. Just about it's all heading as far as gay marriage goes, pretty mostly clear it's all heading to a great placeall heading to a great place, right. My kids talk to my kids about it on the way home. Gay marriage of course. Then you have the older generation. They and we talk about tolerance. Tolerance goes both ways. Do you feel and I got the sense that a loft these older people would feel they are not ready for it or this is not right they are not bad people but grew up with the structure in their lives. Totally. And that structure sort of keeps them from falling apart. Right. I think tolerance is a funny word because you tolerate having gas. You know what I mean. You don't tolerate love. Like love is there. You know whetthere. You know whether I mean. It's crazy to me I hate that word. I think. People love tolerance. Mclemore uses tolerance. I know a lot of people do. But words are so powerful and each word has a connotation and for me that's not just a word that I just think it's silly. Do you weren't to get married down the road. Of course. Better jump in there. Sham Ellis ready but that's good. Madonna quickly. Everybody is talking about her. You were up close. Right here singing. Side by side. Give me a little something like we love Madonna here how is she looking I love the Cain. She's great. I was like she walked in for rehearsal she had the grill on. Get it. She had a grill on. Colonel sanders and more boss hog. I lick that. The love something. Mary thank you so much. We love Mary here. Welcome to the age of my body in stores rate now. Her book 500 tips for fat girls is out there. It's fun.