Miranda Lambert's Weight Loss Secrets - Hollywood News Roundup (November...

Miranda Lambert's Weight Loss Secrets - Hollywood News Roundup (November 14, 2013)

How did Miranda Lambert reportedly drop 17 pounds with limited sacrifices? Plus, Jennifer Hudson reveals her new pixie cut at the unveiling of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

genevieve gets the help she needs inside riker's island. Does miranda lambert know how big of a crush you have on her husband, blake shelton? In all fairness, it's not just on blake, but on both of them. I love them. Yes, she's showing off that body. First showing it off, a newly slimmed down version. When I sat down with her before THE CMAs, SOURCES SAID SHE LOST About 17 pounds. It was all portion control. She got rid of chee-tos, which, I know, is difficult to do. Now her dramatic before and after pictures on the cover of "us weekly." Our sources said she was motivated to lose the weight for her 30th birthday, which just went november 10th and she works out with a trainer. Eats lean meat, like venison. That's deer, for you city folks. By the way, she hunts herself. And any wife of blake shelton is not ditching the drinking, so she created a low-calorie cocktail called a miranda-ita. I had a sip of one and it's good. It sounds awful. It's refreshing. It's funny, she has the miranda-ita. A lot of drinking in the house. They tweet while drinking, which, to me, is the best you can do on twitter. How about the latest celebrity to jump on the bandwagon, jennifer hudson? Receiving a coveted walk of fame star, that's where she told us what inspired the new look. You know what? I wanted to change into something different. Something that's sexy, and this is like the new j.-Hud. Jennifer. If I want to go short, I go all the way. You know? Here it is. Now, I don't know much, but i know you have to have a beautiful face to support a very short hair cut. She has that. So looks good. I kind of like it. I hope we're getting away from all the pieces and the business. It's a lot easier, I would assume. Hey, normally stars are out in front, her fiance, wrestler