Neil Patrick Harris: Oprah Would Be A 'Classy' Oscars Host

Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is throwing his support behind Oprah Winfrey should the Academy ultimately decided to choose the former daytime talk show host for their big event next year.

“I heard they were asking Oprah to do it. I thought that was a good choice,” Neil told Access Hollywood as he promoted “The Smurfs 3-D” on Monday in Los Angeles.

Last week, the Chicago Sun Times reported that Oprah was at the top of the Academy’s list of potential Oscars 2012 host contenders.

While the Academy told Access in a statement, Oprah as host was just speculation, Neil believes it is an excellent idea.

“She’s classy,” Neil said of Oprah. “She’s good.”

Neil, a previous host of the Tonys and the Emmys, said he isn’t ready himself for the Oscar stage due to his current day jobs.

“I think the Oscars is a whole movie-centric would and I’m more sort of in the TV world and theater world at the moment,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s the perfect fit.

“I don’t know, it’s so bucket list, hosting something like that,” he continued. “It’s an asinine amount of work for one night’s worth of fun and then a month’s worth of people telling you how terrible you were.”

While Neil isn’t quite ready for the Oscars, he’s thrown himself into his live action film, “The Smurfs 3-D,” something he thinks is a good fit, considering his recent life change.

“I have no fear of family-friendly faire, especially now that I’m a dad,” Neil said referring to his twins, Harper and Gideon, both 9 months.

“They’re about to crawl,” he said of his children, with fiance David Burtka. “They’re adorable.”

Harper has been a popular celebrity name of late, with the Beckhams using it for their daughter — a selection Neil was aware of.

“Congrats to them,” Neil said. “It’s a great name.”

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