On The Download: Solange Goes Indie With 'Stillness Is The Move'

After dragging her sister Beyonce and brother-in-law Jay-Z to catch indie-folk buzz band Grizzly Bear play a show at Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Waterfront in August, it’s no surprise that Solange Knowles has a soft spot for some lesser-known acts.

In an MP3 that leaked last week, the R&B star showed off her under-the-radar taste with her new cover of a stand-out track by another group of Brooklyn rockers, Dirty Projectors.

In Solange’s hands, the band’s “Stillness Is The Move” is slowed down and set to a D’Angelo-style neo-soul groove, turning the song sexy and smooth. With her impressive pipes, Solange even improves on the song’s bridge, bringing a harmonized vamp to a show-stopping climax. It’s a song that works as straight R&B without sacrificing the heart of the original’s eccentric style – a track that turns a great song into a radio-ready hit-in-waiting.

In an era where a band like Grizzly Bear can chart alongside Lady Gaga, it’s exciting to hear the formerly closed-off worlds of mainstream pop and underground rock beginning to come together with such satisfying results – as long as Solange keeps leading the charge.

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