Oscar Fashion Experts Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski: Who Are They Excited...

Oscar Fashion Experts Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski: Who Are They Excited To Meet?

Figure skaters Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski chat with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live about their recent swell of success. Were they aware they were such a hit while they were commentating on Olympic figure skating in Sochi? Plus, they’re joining our Oscar fashion team on Sunday. Who are they looking forward to seeing? And, what can we expect from their fashion commentary?

Figure skater Johnny weir and Tara Lipinski second career commentators over the hottest team in sochi working for NBC sports network. Dwe all sorts of things in sochi and hiring them on camera to cover fashion for us at the oscars. But we need to talk about your swell of success. All you. Obviously. Every word you said I was feeding in your ear. Yes. You guys were you aware there at the time that it was catching on. People were digging what you were doing. We had no idea. We were in our hotel. At the venue. Studying. We were on social media. I don't understand. People are liking this. We were talking about what we know Just wanted to come home and not cause a problem. And be thinking did a good job. Did you have to fight with NBC to be together? Did you have to say listen we work well together. In the fall there's a grand prix series of figure skating toyvs do the men and Tara the ladies for NBC and we said well why not be together? We kind of did that on our own. We brought it up. They didn't know they wanted us ivt okay we'll humor you and do a little trial or something. Then they loved it. Why do you think that is. People want to make it like a side show right. When you really know your stuff. Most skaters are so individual. Competing for yourself so I don't know if they thought maybe we wouldn't have that kind of knowledge we do. Chemistry is roaring. This what is going on here. I just notice. We are waichlingt we always do. Does that jacket usually go with the pants. Yes. Okay. I want to wear but we mix and match. It's a lot together. But we only have to buy one suit at a time because she will take the pants and I take the jacket. Saving money. We are saving money. You did share, your room were his connected to each other. Yes. The wardrobe these guys had is incredible. How does it work for the wardrobe. Does somebody physical first and say I found this. It's trawl. It's a group effort. Like any like any. Good marriage. Good marriage. Is it fun, stressful fun but sometimes stressful? You are now created this continue this. In Russia we just kept feeling like we needed to bring it so hard every day. And we knew people were watching us on instagram and Twitter but didn't really realize the effect close close outfits were having on the country. So as soon as we started realize. Don't tell me this is the Oscar selection? Is it. It kind office. Are we going this with the oscars. Why not. I was going to wear the same thing. I don't want to clash. But we felt pressure in to look wonderful and to have sort of an element that matched and figure out what it was no matter how literal or you know under the rug. Right. That we needed to go. Today it's very obvious. It was nice about what was good and what wasn't. The flash was there. The substance was there as well. Great balance. You knew your stuff. What are we looking for on the Oscar red carpet. Who are we most excited to meet. Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence. I lick the Swinton moment. Bless you Johnny. I love that. You are a maverick. Helen Bonnie ham Carter. I Helen min I love a british lady. Helen Bonnie ham Carter is on worst dress and doesn't care less but will you be able to critique. You have never critiqued jewel why Roberts. Meryl Streep. Their publicist paying attention to every word and there is pay back. Fashion is how we first bonded before we even started commentating and we are the only ones that really love it as much as we do in the skating world. That's how it started. We are coming from a good police. Tell us what will these girls did to us if we aren't loving their outfit. Never work again. Publicist pulled away. You will get this as you are talking. No. Most the big ones biggest ones have the thickest skin but it's hard to critique fashion. You guys do it very well. Do you see future in fashion or what? Obviously figure skating. Obviously figure skating. Obviously broader cast. Obviously doing as much as we can together because why not have a partner and go through the crazy business together. Because it's a lot. Especially since new for us for the most part. But as far as fashion I think oscars will be a nice test for us because we respect the people. The artist that put the dress, I'm not sure about every skater we look what is happening in fashion and try to recreate it for dresses and lines and colors and it's actually nice that it's real fashion and not just skating dress. What is the craziest offer you have gotten so far since the olympics. Oh, boy. Panty. He nose it upsets me. A word she can't handle. Panty. Instagram video he wants to throw it out there Johnny we can't throw the word out there. I was trying to get her out of the room in sochi as much as possible so I could instagram video the panty drawer. The offer everybody wants. That would be the first question. What about TV offer have you been approached by any type of show. Luckily we have a very good mentor in the bush man. That's night. He has been helping us navigate what we would like to do together. How we can make it work. Of course we have close close own team and everything but as far as knowing what it is like from somebody who works in television what we talked about last tonight was simple. That is people will come at you with ideas and host this or do that. Best thing to did is control it. Do something that works for you. Have your own idea and go in and say this is my plan. This is what I would like to do and maybe see if they will buy it. You can control. Sochi whole crux Al Michael came over and it started rolling, the laughs. You have great opportunity and you will play it carefully and make the right move. I'm happy for you all. Run with the thing. Way to begin. Boom. "Access Hollywood", rolled it out for you. Obviously. So exited for you. We'll do plugged in in a little while. Holly Robinson Peete joins us.