ROLL CALL: Michael Lohan & Jon Gosselin's Ex Girlfriend Get Matching Tattoos

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans

2010 is here and celebrities, wanna-be starlets and Hollywood has-beens are already acting up – and Roll Call is back to call them out!

When Bad Tattoos Happen To Even Worse People: Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend, former tabloid reporter Kate Major, decided to get matching tattoos over the weekend, TMZ reported. Nothing says crazy like a having a bleeding heart wrapped in barbed wire with a flaming cross permanently on your arm – double the crazy when it’s the same tattoo that Lindsay Lohan’s dad has! No word if this little stunt was sponsored by Ed Hardy.

Good “Idol” Ink: In tattoo news we’re happy to report, former “American Idol” contestant Danny Gokey decided to remember his late wife Sophia with a new arm tattoo “Getting a tattoo!! I’ve never really wanted one but this tattoo I had designed has a lot of meaning to me!!” he Tweeted over the weekend. Check out the touching tattoo, HERE.

New Michael Jackson Song Leaked: A purported Michael Jackson song has been leaked online. The song, “Another Day,” is an alleged duet with Lenny Kravitz. Check out the song HERE before it’s taken down!

Oh Gerard!: In “300,” Gerard Butler chanted, “Tonight, we dine in hell!” to rally his fellow Spartans – and it appears hell has carbs and butter on the menu! Check out doughy Gerard on the beaches in Barbados on Sunday.

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