Roll Call: Radcliffe Baring All Again & Seacrest Singing For Emmy?

ryan seacrest ryan seacrest

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans: September 6, 2007 by Tommy Vergason

SEACREST SINGS?: Emmy host Ryan Seacrest told THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER that next Sunday’s awards telecast will feature an opening musical number that he “may or may not be” part of depending on “how confident I feel on the 16th.” He reportedly added, “I’m going to try to have a sense of humor about it, and I hope the people watching have a sense of humor, too.”

OLD IS NEW AGAIN: Country superstar Faith Hill is releasing two new songs — and putting a new spin on some familiar tracks — for “The Hits” collection, BILLBOARD reports. “We’re planning on newer, different versions of some songs and we’ve got a few new surprises,” Hill reportedly said. The album hits stores on Oct. 2.

BARE ON BROADWAY: “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe hopes to debut on Broadway next year to reprise his role in “Equus,” the play in which he famously shed his clothes during its critically-acclaimed run in London. “It was a good show when we did it in London and hopefully if we do it again it will still be that good. It has to be better,” he reportedly told REUTERS.

ZOMBIE’S CHOICE: Rob Zombie, director of this week’s # 1 movie, “Halloween,” told THE NY POST’s PAGE SIX that he plans on branching out from the horror genre he’s known for. “I love small dramas like ‘The Station Agent’ and ‘American Splendor.‘ I can definitely see doing something like that,” he reportedly said.

LIONIZED BURTON: Director Tim Burton received the lifetime achievement Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday, the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports. The award was presented by Johnny Depp, star of such Burton films as “Edward Scissorhands” and “Ed Wood,” as well as the upcoming Burton musical film adaptation, “Sweeney Todd.”

BENCHED BECKS?: Multiple sources reportedly told THE NY DAILY NEWS’ BEN WIDDICOMBE that David Beckham won’t be back on the soccer field with the LA Galaxy this season, due to his Aug. 29 knee injury and previous ankle injury. Beckham’s rep reportedly told Widdicombe, “It’s too early to determine exactly when he’ll be back, but at the moment he is undergoing daily treatment for his injury, and is progressing well.”

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