Rosie O'Donnell's Trump Revelation, Talks Kate Gosselin

Rosie O’Donnell always has a lot to say, but fans may be surprised to know she has never uttered a single word to Donald Trump directly.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts on the set of Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva,” where she filmed another guest spot as a sassy judge, Rosie revealed she actually doesn’t know the man she’s supposedly been feuding with for years.

“If you’re talking about celebrity fights like me and Donald Trump, I’ve never spoken to the man in my life,” she told Tony during his visit to “DDD’s” Georgia set. “I don’t know the guy. I don’t hang out in the circle of Donald Trump. It’s not like I see him at Sizzler, at the mall, on the weekend.

“Three or four years ago, I said that he’s largely a facade and that his hair is ugly and the man had like, an epileptic seizure, fits of Tourettes syndrome [of] ‘Rosie’s fat and gay’ for the last five years,” she continued. “It’s not like a real feud. It’s not like he calls me and says (puts on Donald-esque voice) ‘Hi, it’s Donald. You’re gay and fat.’ I don’t know the guy. He just does it in front of a camera crew, you know?”

Rosie had plenty more to say, as she also took aim at the obsession with celebrity culture and Tweeting.

“You’re not really gonna think about the homeless crisis, you’re not gonna think about how many people’s houses have been foreclosed on when you get to read about how many people Tiger Woods had an affair with,” she said.

Rosie was also surprised by the rise of Kate Gosselin, the TLC star who was recently booted from “Dancing with the Stars.”

“Kate Gosselin is suddenly a celebrity. She’s on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with a new face and new teeth and her eight children are at home. I don’t know, it’s out of control,” Rosie said.

Shooting Season 2 of “DDD” in Georgia helps series star Brooke Elliott avoid the Hollywood nonsense – she doesn’t Tweet – and it’s also something Rosie herself is taking into account with new girlfriend, Tracy Kachtick-Anders. They have 10 children between them.

“Tracy has six [children], five who are living at home, one who’s 18 and she lives next door to me and we have our own house and she has her own house and you know it’s working as we go, but I can tell you this, I’m happy, she’s happy, the kids are happy. Everything’s OK,” Rosie said. “In a dream world, I would get them all to sing like the Von Trapps and we’d have a big musical, but that’s not gonna happen.”

“DDD” returns for Season 2 on June 6th on Lifetime. Rosie’s next episode in the series airs on July 22.

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