Rumer Willis Reacts To Sister Scout's Topless Protest; Stacy Keibler's...

Rumer Willis Reacts To Sister Scout's Topless Protest; Stacy Keibler's Pregnancy Update

It was in May when Scout Willis staged a topless protest on the streets of New York City. But, did her daring move impress sister Rumer Willis? Plus, mom-to-be Stacy Keibler shows off her growing belly and shares her secret to a healthy pregnancy.

But did the move impress Rumer? She's got some balls. Give her mad props for that. I don't know if I would be bold enough to do it. # Rumer Willis on her sister scout's topless stroll through New York City to protest the no nipple policy on instagram. She feel it is worth of exposure. It's a human rights issue and just having gender equality I hope in ten years that we can continue to grow to a place where it's not even a question. She's part of the campaign but is Rumer ready to drop her top? Not as of yet. But you never know. We caught up with the pink haired Rumer at the event where try flavors and she played deejay. Speaking of 50s photos, there was this hilarious throwback of her dad dressed in drag shown. That was my sister's birthday. It was a rugrats themed birthday. I think my dad dressed up as the mom on the show. Glowing mom to be Stacy keibler showing off her growing belly and loving every minute of it. I love being pregnant. I've never felt healthier. I've never felt more beautiful. I just love, love, love being a mom. At the pre-4th of July happy hour, Stacy's expecting a baby girl this summer when her husband shared a secret to healthy pregnancy. I walk every day. I do pilates three times a week. I try to eat as organic as possible. Just be really conscious. I don't think you use it as an excuse to eat doughnuts.