Sanjaya Rocks A Mohawk! Well, Sort Of.

sanjaya mohawk American idol sanjaya mohawk American idol

LOS ANGELES (March 27, 2007) — After rumors swirled last week that Sanjaya Malakar would perform on “American Idol” during the “British Invasion”show with a mohawk, he didn’t deliver. If you were saddened by that sidestep, don’t worry - Sanjaya sported a big ol’ faux-hawk tonight!Whether you like or dislike the style, one thing’s for sure: that hair is as big as his courage!

After he sang, the judges each had their own comments on the new ‘do, such as:

RANDY: “I’m speechless every time. The hairdo is… interesting.”

PAULA: “If you had the gumption, if you had the ability to totally go for it, then it would fit the wackiness of the faux-hawk.”

SIMON: “I presume there was no mirror in your dressing room tonight….I don’t think it matters what we say anymore….if people like you, good luck.”

Ryan added his two cents afterward, referring to the hairdo as a “Pony hawk” and pointing out that it was actually a series of tiny ponytails lined up on Sanjaya’s noggin.

Sanjaya mentioned that there were seven little ponytails… for good luck.

We’ll see if all of these “good luck’s” will work for Sanjaya at tomorrow’s results show!

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