Seth Meyers: 5 Things To Know About The New 'Late Night'

Seth Meyers stops by Access Hollywood Live on Janurary 21, 2014 Seth Meyers stops by Access Hollywood Live on Janurary 21, 2014

As he gets ready for his new “Late Night” gig, Seth Meyers revealed a few details about his new talk show, during a recent visit to Access Hollywood Live.

Here’s what Seth told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about what his “Late Night” will look like:

On the show’s format: “We love what ‘Late Night’ has been over the years, so we don’t want to deconstruct it and take it apart. We’re going to have a monologue, desk pieces and guests [and make it] as topical as possible.

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On the show’s music elements: “We are going to have musical guests, we are going to have bands on the show… We don’t know [if we are having a house band] yet, and I’m not being coy.” [Fred Armisen has since been announced as his bandleader].

On the keeping the show’s title consistent with previous versions: “I felt like if we shook it up it would look like thumbing our nose at the legacy of the shows.”

On stealing “SNL” staff for “Late Night”: “I poached one guy, Alex Baze, who is the “Weekend Update” head writer. As soon as I got the job, the first thing Lorne Michaels says is, ‘You can’t take Baze.’”

On what advice Jimmy Fallon had for him: “Just to be patient [and] stick with your guns.”

“Late Night with Seth Meyers” premieres February 24 on NBC.

-- Jesse Spero

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