Seth Rogen Puts His Stamp On 'Green Hornet' At Comic-Con

Seth Rogen is a superhero who wields a blowtorch and has a Chrysler equipped with hood-mounted machine guns in “The Green Hornet.”

The film doesn’t open until next year, but Rogen showed a brief clip Friday to about 6,000 fans at Comic-Con, San Diego’s annual pop culture convention.

The 3-D clip showed Rogen as Britt Reid, who becomes the Green Hornet, out for an adventure with his sidekick Kato, a masterful fighter and mechanic played by Jay Chou. Kato defends his pal in a fight scene that plays with timing and perspective, revealing director Michel Gondry’s experimental touch.

Gondry and Rogen were joined by co-writer Evan Goldberg, producer Neal Moritz and co-star Christoph Waltz to discuss the film.

“The Green Hornet” opens in January.

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