Sochi Closing Ceremony Mocks Olympic Ring Fail

Dancers recreate the Sochi ring fail at the closing ceremony Dancers recreate the Sochi ring fail at the closing ceremony

You have to hand it to the Sochi Olympics — Russia clearly has a sense of humor!

On Sunday, during the estimated $80 million closing ceremony show, hundreds of dancers recreated the traditional Olympic rings, but with a funny twist.

In a reference to the much-mocked opening ceremony moment (where five giant snowflakes electronically blossomed into the rings, but the top right snowflake refused to play ball), the closing ceremony dancers recreated the Sochi rings – failed ring circle and all.

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However, unlike the opening ceremony faux pas – which spawned an immediate burst of memes and T-shirts – the dancers did eventually fan out to form the ring.

Prior to the ceremony, Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush got a backstage tour from closing ceremony executive producer Scott Givens, who revealed the show had over 5,000 performers – 3,000 of whom were local children.

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There were over 10,000 costumes made for the event, and 100 people assigned to doing hair and makeup on the performers.

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