Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag (Glam Slam)

Tips to clean up your makeup bag from Ladies Home Journal Tips to clean up your makeup bag from Ladies Home Journal

Much of the country is stuck in freezing cold weather, so don’t hate me because the warm weather here already has me thinking about spring makeup!

Updating your cosmetics case is about more than just changing things up with the seasons or trends though…makeup has a shelf life.

Erica Metzger, Beauty Director, Ladies’ Home Journal, helps you figure out what to keep and what to toss.

Stash Your Stuff Wisely:
A humid bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria. The best place to store your makeup is in a dry, dark environment, like your bedroom. Powder blush, foundation and eye shadows are very susceptible to moisture and bacterial growth, so replace them after 1 year.

Pay Attention To Packaging:
If possible, use products with pump bottles. Products with twist-off caps and pots are magnets for bacteria (because they come in contact with your fingers) and have the potential to turn funky if you keep them too long. Replace them every 6 to 12 months.

Buy Mascara Often:
The solvents in mascara evaporate every time you open the tube, so the formula is only good for 3 to 6 months. After that it gets clumpy and flaky—regardless of the brand or price tag. Mascara also gives off a distinct odor once it’s spoiled so toss it out if it starts to smell funny.

Sanitize Your Makeup:
If you’ve been sick, you can disinfect some of the products that touch your eyes and mouth. For example, pencil eyeliner and lipstick last up to 2 years, so it’s not really practical to toss them every time you get a cold. Instead, sharpen your eye pencil before you use it to get a clean slate. To refresh your lipstick, wipe the top with rubbing alcohol, then cut a sliver off the top.

Wash Your Tools:
As long as you clean your brushes regularly, you can trust that these tools will last a long time. The best place to store makeup brushes is upright, in a jar or glass. After each use, wipe your brush with a towel or tissue; make sure to wash you brushes every two weeks with baby shampoo, then let them air dry.

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-- Ryan Patterson

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