Terry Bradshaw On Playing With Former Louisiana Tech Teammate & 'Duck...

Terry Bradshaw On Playing With Former Louisiana Tech Teammate & 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson: 'He Just Loved The Woods'

NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw visits Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live and talks about his acting career. Who was he nervous about seeing his nude scene in “Failure to Launch?” Plus, what was it like playing with “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson back in his college football days at Louisiana Tech University? Is he surprised Phil became such a big reality star? Terry will be commentating on Fox for Super Bowl Sunday.

It's warm. What's going on with you movie career? No, no. You're nude in one of them. We need more of that. No, no. It's terrible. My mother -- a while back, calls and says, brother rob has a -- 5 -- 25 of us have a lunch box and a soda and they took us to the matinee after church. I went, oh, no, no. You can't do that. She says, why? I said, I got a naked scene in that. She goes, what? I got a naked scene. She said, no, you don't. You were raised better than that. I said, I know, but I got a naked scene. My mother put a baseball cap on, and sneaked out at 1:17 in the afternoon, up in some town. I bet she was proud. That's a proud -- you you know what? She laughed. She laughed. She's seen you naked before. Oh, yeah. Not much different. People don't know this. People don't know this. Phil Robertson of duck duck was on your team. He was really good. How good? He has the big beard now and long hair. 185 and had a quick release, and he ran a really, really complicated west coast offense, and took me a long time to learn it, and -- but I sat behind this guy. We played A.M. When they were national champions, and this guy can play. What was he like? Great guy. Just loved the woods. Didn't like football. The same thing for practice. He wore green striped Adidas shoes no socks, Levis, tan colored, and a white t-shirt, always covered in some kind of animal stuff. He called me the blonde bomber. Gave you the nickname. And when we went fishing together he made me lay on the bottom of the boat so I would not know where we went. I'd get my boat and go nail them. Turned his back on the NFL. Are you surprised to see he is this huge star on cable? Shocked. Shocked. Didn't know about the beard and all the -- I knew about the duck commander, but I didn't know how successful that was, either, and this I saw the show and I went, oh, my god. And so -- you know what I did? Did you just flip channels and -- look at that. We got honored in Louisiana this pass spring. I ran into his and he wife, miss Kay next airport last Christmas. The first time I've seen him in 40 years, and I didn't run up to him because I didn't think he would recognize me. I went to Kay and said I'm teary Bradshaw. I played with Phil. Terry, terry, and so we embraced and started talking and the crowds showed up and we departed. We're going to call it. I'm going deep. Down the aisle. I'm going deep. I'm going deep. Bradshaw -- Oh! Go, go, go. We don't have it. Super bowl this Sunday. Keep it here. Coming down with something.