The 'Dancing' Curse Connection Finally Revealed

Misty May-Treanor talks to ‘Dancing’ host Tom Bergeron about leaving the competition Misty May-Treanor talks to ‘Dancing’ host Tom Bergeron about leaving the competition

Ever since Marie Osmond fainted last October on “Dancing With the Stars” it seems some type of negative energy has taken over Stage 46 at CBS Television City. Food poisonings, injuries, surgeries, blackouts are all becoming common place on the set. Even the show could not ignore what many people are calling a “Dancing” curse.

In a taped segment last night the show pointed out the spot on the floor, near the judges, which pro dancer Derek Hough has dubbed the Bermuda Triangle. It’s where he was injured; Misty May-Treanor tore her Achilles tendon leading to her exit from the show and it’s also where Susan Lucci twisted her ankle.

The curse was the hot topic backstage with Mel B after the show. Lance Bass is absolutely convinced something is wrong with the stage telling Mel, “I know it’s cursed. Every major injury that has happened this season has been on this stage. Not in rehearsal. Right here on the stage.”

Professional dancer Karina Smirnoff, who has had her own injury this season, told Mel she has a solution.

“I think they need to bring like a magic person or a priest or someone to bless it.”

Her dance partner Rocci DiSpirito jokingly added, “We need an exorcism!”

So, is the stage really cursed? Common sense tells us ‘of course not.’ However, just to play a little bit of devil’s advocate, so I did some research about the history of CBS Television City, where the show is taped.

The facilities were built in 1952 but stage 46 didn’t get built until the 1980’s. So its history is pretty recent. However, if you look at the lot as whole I think you will find something interesting. The lot used to be the former site of Gilmore Stadium, an 18,000-seat football field and race track.

In the course of its history, five men lost their lives on the racetrack. In 1937, Frankie Lyons died of a broken neck after losing control at a slow speed and hitting a post while filming the movie “Ten Laps To Go.” In October of 1934, Chet Mortemore died after a collision with another driver. In January of 1946, Swede Lindskog died when his car rolled head on into the fence of Gilmore Stadium. And in October (the month when most of “DWTS” mishaps have occurred) of 1949 Eddie Haddad died in a rollover crash.

OK, sure this is all just a little bit of Hocus Pocus but it does make you think doesn’t it?
Access Hollywood producer Stephanie e-mailed me when I told her the story about the race car drivers, “No wonder Helio the race car driver won. The race car drivers ghosts had their way!”

Helio won season five. Season five was the season where “the curse” first came into question. I’m just saying…

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