The Kardashians' Shameless Selfies & Boundless Branding: Too Much For...

The Kardashians' Shameless Selfies & Boundless Branding: Too Much For Our Plugged In Panel?

Today’s Access Hollywood Live’s “Plugged In” panel features Nancy Grace and Holly Robinson Peete, who weigh in on recent trending topics. Do they think the Kardashians have gone too far with their shameless selfies? And do they think the public is suffering from “Kardashian fatigue”?

Welcome back to "Access Hollywood live". Plugged in panel of holly and Nancy grace. And your children go to high school. That's good advice. Send your kids to high school. We are working out the whole high school mapping it out. My husband is here. You captain get in on the conversation but we are planning their future. They are in kindergarten now. Don't even. Okay. Guys. That was leading into the Christmas season and it's just before the very first piano lesson. I love the little vest so kichlt I picked it out. Target. When done with high school consider college. I'll add that in there. They think college is part of high school. They don't know that there is a choice about college. This is a good mom if you have any question. I want it for David. Don't do it David Don't do it David. All good. You are straight. He doesn't want this. Kardashian love to post selfie. Have you ever posted a selfie. No I have not posted a selfie because I have always got 2 twins in two hands but I always take pictures of them. Well Kardashian, Kim. Why are you so down on the Kardashian? I love their selfie. Explain them. Everybody loves looking at Kim's bootie. I don't know what it is about the booty. Wait a miniif I looked like that -- That's not a selfy. That's a wholly. Would I totally take that picture. Certainly got us talking. Listen. How old is shift. I think here's the issue. There's a lot of Kardashian fatigue but people need to get over it because they have sort of rewritten the whole marketing branding the whole book. Everybody that is whineeverybody that is whining about the Kardashian app somebody is watching them. Somebody is buying their stuff so I just think it's a big case of jealousy. Whole narcissism element to this but listen. If I took a picture of myself and posted it and got 100,000 like I would be doing that all day long. Interesting as a woman perspective. Look how good Kris look but she and Bruce are sprted. When a woman levs her marriage separate she is I am out. I feel great. How old is she. 58. She looks good. I have an inside scoop on Kris. When I was doing "Dancing with the stars"and her son Robert was in the running they, she and some of the girls would come over almost every day not every day and just say hi. Check on him. Be nice to everybody. They were always nice. I mean genuinely is in to everybody. So whether it was somebody getting people coffee or a super star. Nice tovsh. Kind of hurts me when people trash them without knowing them. It's a brand what they have. What is the genius of the Kardashian? I guess her. Like when it's like a national soap opera. They are live and the tabloid are part of it. Dot even so la mar owed only to me. Why? No. La mar. Because he totally cheated on Khloe. I don't have time to watch the show but I know all about it. He cheated on Khloe. Have you been in a cage. I know that. You didn't know that? She's gorgeous. Here is the thing. As soon as we feel bad for Khloe then we feel good for Khloe. Narrative changes so right now la mar cheated la mar. How could he do this we feel for her. How could he do it. I thought that was la mar with the whole drug thing. I didn't like watching Khloe deal with that on the show. I want them wrestling and waxing the too little and doing that tochlingt I didn't like too real on reality TV I felt like. See right there that is a remnant of patriarchal society. You don't see men waxing themselves do you? I think we need to think about that for a moment. Billy waxes. All the time. You want me to sit with you. Wait. I haven't I haven't had a chance to see the show but I feel that I know them because I got to know Kris through rob. They were really nice people. I'm worried about rob. I feel like he's not in a good place watching the show is he going to be okay. I don't know. You have to go back to the fact that he lost his father. Way way way back when and I think that affects you for years to come. He put on weight. Tattoo. Can't really find what he wants to do. I want him to go to law school. I made thaschool. I made that very clear. Let's get it going. I have tried. Got to cut his own path. 2 decades ladies. Changing. Oh. We are not changing running out of time. Let's talk about Kim booty. Final thought on Kim booty. I'll say I am enjoying you. You just go ahead. I'm all good. Back next week I want to see what you have to say. Go ahead. You know what if she's making money off the booty lack at that. Wait. Boom. I haven't seen that one. If she's making money off her booty selfie then power to her. Whose booty on the right. Who's who? Black China 8. That is fantastic. That's crazy. She has something in there. Really? The I just Nike for Halloween. I know you have to put tonight there. Donkey booty. Is that what it's called. Yes. Where get with it. Get witness. Find out what Nancy does. Can we hear it for Nancy grace so fun sitting next to holly. Week night at 8 on. I learned about a donkey booty from Nancy grace. What is dean Cain obsession with big foot. He explains coming up.