These Are The Voyages: What Were Star Trek's William Shatner & Leonard...

These Are The Voyages: What Were Star Trek's William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy Really Like?

“These Are The Voyages” author Marc Cushman and “Star Trek” first season Associate Producer John D.F. Black chat with Access’ Scott “Movie” Mantz about Season 1 of the series. Where did the myth that the show was a flop come from? Plus, what was it really like between William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy?

-- press that's the start. What took so long for people like it's finally it's. You can imagine well when -- very first invited me to do it in 1982 arms -- -- -- for a local TV special. Here in LA and he showed me all -- seventy boxes of documents he -- I dare you to put that in a book. Also mark Cushman took Star Trek creator gene -- and -- the airport fees aren't quite in the best book ever written about the original series. This 580 -- films look incredible detail of the fourteenth those after the person ever ratings report. It starts. Last big kid during the first round sixty. -- its second place sometimes even first place so where that this myth come about that it was a ratings well. So this information has not made available to press home samples. And -- one fewer networking and when children know it was a big hit because everyone wants races. So what happens it's all comes down to relationships. You run variants you get along well so they can't move and it was telling stories they won't tell. And John DF black who co produce most of the cities and their from the beginning when captain Kirk and just thought. -- stars out of wounds and what was it like. Between chat turning point in those early days Shatner. Had a unique quality. He wanted to be a star. Absolutely wanted to be a star no question about it -- -- really wanted to be an act. And that was the difference between. It was a very bizarre thing to watch that. But it was there and you couldn't back it.