Tom Cruise Defends His Parenting Of Suri - Hollywood News Roundup...

Tom Cruise Defends His Parenting Of Suri - Hollywood News Roundup (November 6, 2013)

Following his divorce from Katie Holmes last year, two tabloids both had cover stories claiming Tom Cruise had “abandoned” Suri. So, what did he say recently about his relationship with his daughter? Plus, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes shoot down reports they’re about to split.

if you were at the show. Tomorrow we will have the full break down including all of underwood's karaoke costume changes. You see diana ross. I think she is really the first one who would sing these songs and change and have another fabulous time. The only way she could change more is if she changed during. Defending the parenting style. Tom cruz ignored stuff like this. This is really, really upset. Remember after tom's divorce from katie holmes, in t life and style had cover stories claiming he had abandoned suri. He since filed a $50 million lawsuit in the declaration. Tom said I have in no way cut suri out of my life emotional, physically or otherwise. I am sure my daughter misses me when I'm not with her as I miss her, she is a wonderfully happy child. I don't blame tom for the lawsuit. That is so below the belt to say anybody is abandoned by daddy. It's so low. When you attach him, you can ignore it, but his relationship with his daughter is something totally different. I agree. Eddie is getting every effort to support his wife leanne rimes in court. A nice pose on the red carpet. I see you smirking. She gave her man a kiss and they headed inside. I think it's sweet. It is sweet. You know as well as I know, it's page one of the public display book.