Tom Cruise's Scientology Stunner: Was It A Factor In Katie Holmes...

Tom Cruise's Scientology Stunner: Was It A Factor In Katie Holmes Divorcing Him?

Under oath and under fire, the normally very private Tom Cruise is forced to open up about his relationship with daughter Suri and the breakup of his marriage to Katie Holmes. So, did Scientology play a role in their split?

Tom cruise on the defensive. Admitting during the legal deposition with scientology did play a part in katie holmes divorcing him. Attorney question miss holmes never indic in any way that was one of the reasons she one of the reasons she left u? Tom says did she say that? That was one of the assertionsthat was one of the assertions, yes. Cruise claims that katie practiced scientology before and during their marriage. The attorneys question and she did leave the church when she divorced you tom says yes. Then had she left the church pri to that time? Tom says not to my knowledge. The deposition was taken on september 9 as part of tom ongoing libel lawsuit against intouch life and style magazine he wanted an poll jichlt he didn't get it so he is suing them for 50 million dollars their disgusting tom and suri cover story following his break up with katie in the deposition cruise also defended himself against the fact that he spent over 100 days away from suri between july and november of last year. Tom reasoning for not being able to see suri who is spending time with mom katie in south africa was his grueling work schedule and the divorce which he said made visitation more complicated. Quote you have to ask for permission and organize schedules to make things happen. It's not an ideal situation. Tom adds it certainly does not mean that i have abandoned my daughter. Attorney question do you believe it could be false that miss holmes left new part to protect suri from scientology. Tom says listen I find that question offensive. I find those statements offensive. Life with any any relationship many different levels to it. You know I i find it very offensive. There is in need to protect my daughter from my religion. Question. Is suri currently practicing scientology? To which tom says no. And your child thinking about being a father. I always wanted to be a father. My mother left my father. It was the worst. In my 2005 interview with tom he spoke about his father and when the attorney appeared to compare tom to his dad tom said as a kid he rarely saw because he was working tom