Tori Spelling On Her 'Love Tape' Controversy: 'I Would Never Sell A Sex...

Tori Spelling On Her 'Love Tape' Controversy: 'I Would Never Sell A Sex Tape!'

Tori Spelling opens up on Access Hollywood Live about the controversy surrounding her alleged sex tape she made with her husband, Dean McDermott, in 2009. As she points out in her book, “Spelling It Like It Is,” the tape was never intended for anyone else to see. So, how did it get out? And, what does she find most hurtful about the whole fiasco? Plus, she talks about her new project with “90210” alum Jennie Garth, “Mystery Girls,” for ABC Family. Tori’s book is available now.

Tori spelling and deen, with their 4 beautiful kids. She talk about her family life in her new book spelling it like it is. Tori back with us now. I don't know what you all talk about. What happened billy on valentine's day. All right tori. Well there's a way that they made those 4 beautiful kids and it was documented one time on 2009 on valentine's day yoon valentine's day you and deen. It was a moment. More than. Not a moment. It was you know -- not a full -- I call it a sex tape in the book. It's a completely different story. I'm talking about being able to track people and what I talk about is that on valentine's day we did decide to make a little like film. Documenting our. Among 2 married consenting loving dument. For us. Absolutely. My husband had it on our lap top at home and friend was house sitting. Not a friend Watched it. Yes. What did the person do with it. Nothing. Because we got involved and nothing. Did he make a copy. Did he burn a little zip drive. We don't know sma how did you know he had gotten. Oh, gosh. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Someone else. Someone else said that they -- never tell anyone not something as hot a topic as that. You tell someone they tell someone else. Yes. Now as crazy as it would sound of course people pick up on the financial road in the become they get blown out of proportion. So people think you are strapped for cash completely and coming forward is the adult video organization that would lake to buy it. I read it. I didn't even know. That's crazy that you read something about that. Would you do it upped any circumstances. That's the thing everything all the head licenses coming out I'm like no no. Read the back it's not what you are thinking it is. That's the one that is the most hurtful coming out of this book because I am a mom of 4 beautiful babies.2 girls that I want to grow up and be strong empowered women. I wouldn't sell a sex tape. Have you seen any other sex tape. I have a problem with pamela anderson -- the. Oh, my gosh. One little part. But when you make the tape with your husband I was thinking I would be so self conscious. How does that work. I would have hair and make up. Be into so self conscious. If you read the book I tell my story funny. Let's film a little bit. Let's check what part you are filming.0that's okay. Deen idea. No question about it. The of course. No woman wants to no woman wants to could this. With champagne a weak moment and bless your heart. I think we watched it once after we did it. We never even watched it. Who would watch it. Yes. Deen. Deen has a copy on the smart phone. Popcorn. The friend that sold you out. Does that happen a lot? The spot late your whole life. Been a lot of people. There are times in my life there are times in my life, yes. I'm trusting. I think I'm a nice person. Maybe too nice sometimes so you definitely learn the hard way. What else? Give me a for instance. Source close to then there's that. Very sad. . That is the thing. You always source close. Friend said. When they read that it must be someone that is super close. No it's just someone that made up something. They can get away with it because the friend said. I wish it wasn't said. I would be constantly paranoid. Who is the friend. Making it up or is there actually could it be larry? Maybe it's larry. I knew somebody. Chapter one star magazine going after you and dean marriage. Did that become hurtful or real. You and deen how do you continue to laugh. We laugh it off until the kid are reading so they read these stories. And I try to keep it away from them but going to the market or something. You know, they want the we are checking up and look up. My gosh. What am I to do I have the moment. I turn them aron. Hope they don't look up. But it happens. And we have to try to back pedal and explain and they say to me but nights a magazine so it's the truth. It's like no it's not. No. Tell us something about each one of these beautiful kids. Growing up. A rundown. What is liam. He is my dad. He's really my dad reincar naimy dad reincar naitd. We swear. He is such a creator and he loves to tell stories and entertain people and he is fascinated by television. Everything and yes he's my dad. What about hatie. She is the third. Stella is second. Still will is second. Still will is super crafty. Into fashion. Mom of the group. Takes care of everyone. Keeps everyone in check. She's very -- all 4 are very funny. Hatie the loudest one. You can tell by the cover. She's like -- yes she wants to be heard. She came third so she has to be loud. And syd is very agreeable. Oh, he's starting to fight back. Hatie -- can't do anything. Talking. Not allowed to talk. You almost died with syd. We spoke this is real stuff. How is life different and how. That experience put everything that perspective. So I was always going going I still good now because I love working and I'm a driven woman. I still have to rae mind myself it's that experience I go back to. Look how much you had and how much you almost lost so quickly. Go back to this moment and be in the moment. I have to rae mind myself. How are things right now? You are filming the hg tv show. You are resdeeng your cabin. Yes. This summer we were in canada. With the whole family. With the whole family. Wow! It's an experience. When does it air. Spring on hg tv. That was a reality show. I love doing design and renovation and deen is great at tonight so jealous of that. Keen is very happenedy. He is a handy guy. And he cooks. I am so not handy. It's embarrassing. I am guilty of that. Nothing I can do. Not handy. Ty fall there. What about the show with jennie. We just finished abc family and really excited. And yes. Comedy and it's reuniting us. We were on hit television show in the 90's. Sounds familiar. Playing detectives and come become together to play real detectives. Jason priestly tell all book. I know. What did he say or chapter of fun in there. I don't know. I'm sure there's stuff. Cop congratulations. The we started with the entertainment industry. You go up or down. Things are really going up in the right trajectory and the stories about your kid you shir so much. That's how people connect to you. We will have you here. Have a fun read. Her book spelling it like it is. You always make a way to find a catchy title with your name.