Tori Spelling Sets The Record Straight About Financial Troubles & Dean...

Tori Spelling Sets The Record Straight About Financial Troubles & Dean McDermott's Vasectomy

Tori Spelling chats about her new book, “Spelling It Like It Is,” on Access Hollywood Live. What does she say about the recent shocking revelation that she and her husband, Dean McDermott, are having financial troubles? What happened to the Spelling family fortune? Plus, has she convinced her husband to get a vasectomy? Tori’s book is available now.

how are the finances now? Because according to tori, it's a little bit more dire straights. Life has up and down and sometimes you have it and sometimes not. You get through it together. Husband and wife as a family. That's right. Tori spelling husband deen discussing the somewhat shocking report that tori and doon have having financial trouble. She talks about and so much more in her new book spelling it like it is. She joins us now. Tori first of all what are we spelling out in here. That is left after the other book. What was the big nugget you wanted to drop in here. Great thing about my book great thing about my book, the first memoir thinks it my life over I'm doing a tell all about my life. Where do you go from here. People just enjoyed my story so I started writing whenever was happening so it's kind of like theless few years. More to come. Last time I left off I only had 2 kid. All of a sudden I went from 2 to 4 lick that. I have a lieutenant to write by. Deen talked to you sometimes it's flush and sometimes ebb and flow the life of actor performer but how is it now? Things are okay. We definitely if the book I talk about a certain period of our lives but we had some struggle and entertainment industry and sometimes things are up. Things are down. You good with it. I put the story in it not about me but I wanted to share with them that celebrity make mistake too. I I think I do as well. We put them on pedestal and can't live up to it. I made some really bad real estate choices and thatestate choices and that was all.0then of course star magazine blew it out of proportion. You talk about your mom and the relationship with your married to a spelling. Whatever the number is. I think of your mom candy would be there. What is your relationship with her? We have a good relationship I think so much is spent on her. The expectation of people and reuniting and everything after my dad passed away. So it's definitely a work in progress. We have up and down it's a really mother daughter relationship. People scratch their head and say 100 million dollar mansion and sold it and about the a 50 million dollar condo or whatever it is and in the -- all the talk. Father passed away the report was you only got you got less than 1 million dollars.1 million dollars. When there's so much. People wonder why you didn't get more. Why you don't get more? I don't know that answer either but. Teaching awe lesson the hard way do it yourself. You know what I have never asked. People are free to do with their money what they want to do with it. My dad and I had a great relationship. Whatever it is, it is. I have never asked for money. I I work really hard for my own money and I think would I do that whether I had gotten millions from him or not. I am a hard worker. I love working. It it is what it is and work hard. People still think that on the side she gets all the money. So I think that's why when I wrote about it at least people then star magazine said you are broke. People are just shocked I think but. Double edge sword because people love you. Make them love you more. Because you are telling it like it is. Where are we on deen vasectomy. Oh, my gosh. We really need deen to get one. Everybody wants to pay for it. Here's the thing. I did feel a little bit bad I mentioned it in the book my poor husband. Everybody is talking about my private parts. It's a good thing. Talking about the private parts but the independence scoop. Yes. You know what it is totally unrelated with different story and just a cap on the story and everybody thought about the vasectomy. Reversible vasectomy. That was the thing. We was turned on to this doctor. Expensive. Reversible if you decide to have more kids. We can afford to get a vasectomy. Why is it reverse you believe. We spoke right after the last baby and that was the whore whole ordeal. Are we done. We are done. Very complete and happy. Is it rest because the non-reversible. Good with the non-reversible -- lock that up. The we'll work it out. So happy. Deen deen deen. What does he say about -- also in the book you talk about having spending sometimes you spend too much. Have you put a tourniquet around your credit card. Definitely. I mean I feel lake everyone has to do that. You have to be a grown up at some point. I did grow up a certain way and then I went right from that to 9 02 1 0and for 10 years and made a lot of money so after that I had to kind of do reality check and then I had a family very fast. 4 kids. Put everything that perspective. You do what you have to did. Different child different way you were brought up. But you say in the book happier than maybe your childhood the way you are raising your kid. You shifted your focus on what is important. I didn't weren't to say happier. I felt lake I had a really happy childhood. Just very it was different. You know. Fichlt peck newspaper a limo. Drop-off in a limo at school. Yes. What is important now how is it different than what was important then? I can't answer because it was reverse then I was the child they were the parents. Now I'm the parent so I don't know what they were thinking then but for me, you know, we are different type of family. We cook everything ourselves. Grow our vegetables. We have animal. We might live in hollywood but trying to give the kid a different experience. Pink the pig. Right there in the middle. No deen on the cover but hank is there. I said -- doesn't mean anything. Were you worried about that. Got the book I said to deny I'm looking on the cover because the tabloid love to good after you all. I know. He was there in the whole shoot. Helping. Wrangling with the pig hank. I know. No. This one was just kind of it's me. I'm talking about my life and where I am going with my kid and I wanted this is my dream what I lack like and then it's like chaos. The rlt of my world. I love that hair in there. Sit tight we are coming right back.2009. Remember that. Oh,oh. I love this. There's more. Tori spelling and deen, with