Trista Sutter Reminisces About Bachelor & Bachelorette Splits & Success...

Trista Sutter Reminisces About Bachelor & Bachelorette Splits & Success Stories

Trista Sutter takes a look at past couples from “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” on Access Hollywood Live with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. Did she see any off the splits coming? Was she surprised by any of the public break-ups? And, who were the biggest villains from the franchise? Trista’s book, “Happily Ever After,” is available now.

we are become now with the if you book happily ever after. Mirj to ryan going strong just renewed your vouchlt you are like the gaw raw of the whole bachelor bachelorette thing. I want to know if you thought these couple would make it or not. Lets start with jill I don't know and ed. I thought they were really cute. Okay so I have to preface this by saying I feel like everyone is going to make it. I'm so bad. I'm the hopeless romantic that a little thinks -- everybody will make it. This is the one. I know. They love each other. I adore both of them. Jillian is a good friend of mine. But I'm so happy that she found her she calls him her scrub captain. Her latest boyfriend. She's in love. She's in love an she's in love and very happy. Scrub captain. Okay. Boating. It's a boating term. Not a hot tub thing okay. You didn't see this al and jake. Yes I don't think I saw that one. Yes. Al and jake. Al and roberto I thought for sure we did some photo shoot with them. Hung out with them I thought they are so in love. They are going to make it. Roberto was the caretaker. He was kind of like ryan. Very athletic. Kind of quiet. Genuine. I thought they were going to make tonight I forgot she was with jake. I remember jake and vienna. Horrible thing going on. I guess I didn't think that would last. He yelled that was my favorite. What did he say. I don't know. Something like. That. Let me finish. Let me finish. Dating kristen or something like that. They were. I don't know if they are still. That's just weird. Any way. That's funny stuff. Ashley and j p? They got married didn't they. Love them. Got married. We were at their weddingless year. Happy gorgeous fun couple. They made it. I love you. They have made it oh, yes? See. They have made it. They are one of the success stoyvrments you are the only bachelorette. She's a bachelorett. I get it confused. I'm sorry. I get condition fussed. Okay. Jason and molly from the bachelor. Originally chose melissa but then he decided. Bait and switch. But he and molly are super happy. Beautiful baby girl. He had a son from before. He did. Very happy. Good. Good. Speaking of ty melissa guess off with ty and -- good they both and up happy. They are both happy. All right. The. Emily and brad. I like emily and jeff. I thought they were going to last too. Ryan was like no. Ryan didn't think that one. No. They had me hook line and sinker. Me too. Family daughter part of it. Yes. He could not follow through on her. I don't know what happened I don't know what happened truly. You saw him. I saw him at the jingle ball singing dancing looking very cute. He's very cute very cute. Emily. I love emily is that so gorgeous. Gone d.A photo shoot for us weekly 0whole special weekly on the cover with bob and. I love bob. They look alike. I love it. All right. This is the back happily ever after. In stores right now. Still to come. Getting in the holiday sweet tooth candy rolling here. So who is the biggest bum that ever walked. One guy, who is the guy it greatest villain of all time in the bachelor. Went in for only the action. Couple of them. Bunch of them. Good villain. The one on ashley season who told her he was like stringing her along and behher along and behind the scenes. Ben. He wanted emily. Ben bennett. Ben been it worst guy ever. Awful. He liked emily knowing he was on the camera. Doing it just for the camera. 20 seconds. Wait. Ben flanigan a ben flanigan and kris jenner. I don't know. I don't know. Say it. The seal. Oh, the seal. Oh. How many