Trista Sutter Talks Overcoming The Reality TV Couple Curse & Living...

Trista Sutter Talks Overcoming The Reality TV Couple Curse & Living 'Happily Ever After'

“Bachelorette” star Trista Sutter joins Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live to chat about renewing her vows to Ryan Sutter after being married 10 years. Has their marriage truly been “happily ever after?” Plus, how much of a role has gratitude played in her positivity? Trista’s book “Happily Ever After” is available now.

Oh. 'Tis the season. Proposal back in 2003. The very first one for abc the bachelorette. They have been together for 1together for 10 years. Married. They renewed their vows this past saturday. 2 cute children. And now she shares her joy in new book called happily ever after. It is happily ever after isn't it 10 years later going strong. It is but the book is actually about gratitude. It's called the life changing power of grateful heart. I share my story and other people who have inspired me my friends and family. People I have never met before. Experts say that I found tons of research about how living grateful life can make you happier. How did you get in this? Did you meet some kind of guru or something. I wish I could say I did. But no I tweet my faith part of the day on twitter. And I have done it for 4 years ever since blakely was born. Just my way to focus on the positive. And I really wanted to write a book that could inspire people and could be the change that you wish to see in the world like gandhi said. So that's kind of my contribution and my legacy for my kids and just a way for hopefully to inspire people and share my story in a way but not just about me. It's about, you know, these people inspired me and really truly living a grateful life. The little things. Reading to one of the kids. See the kids with the smiles. That I love to see. More grateful. Wait. I have the 2 of you sitting here.2 of the most positive people in the world. Plungepeople in the world. Plunging into curmudgeon right now. Here I am in the mountains get me out of here. I was so stressed out. Yesterday just getting ready. It has been chaos at our house because we have had family and friends and it's been chaos. And definitely I have bad days. I got so frustrated yesterday. Max woke up and didn't weren't to go to school.6-year-old didn't weren't to go to school. You have to go to ask gone last week because she was sec. So didn't weren't to go to school because he doesn't remember how much he loves it. So I have bad days and I think that the book is about allowing yourself to be human and have those day. Yes. Be frustrated be grumpy but it's what you do with it afterwards. You can find the moment within those days. Snrit to still be grateful. If I was ryan and I saw her getting a little grumpy and would I go live a grawould I go live a grateful life. Be leak what? I'm going to snap. You renewed your vows this weekend. How was it different this time around? There will were no helicopters. Yes right. It was a lot less glamorous if you will. You know everyone thinks of us as having the fairy tale. We had 30,000 roses or something crazy like that at our wedding. 26 million people watching. 26 million people watching. It was a lot more intimate. Give me the details some of this I can't. Oh, come on. You have to tune in. Abc january 19 I wish could i. Write a poem. Did he write you one. He didn't. You will get to hear. It came from him. His own words and you, did you yours time. Yes. Yes had a moment. You will see is that did you have all the people that were at your wedding did you have them. One guy I loved at your wedding. The wild gay. Drunk man. You are could go great. He's grit. I think ben is in recovery he's a different ben. He's a happy ben we love ben. We have always loved ben. He fell that your life you know what I mean. It's a real wedding I love always one at the wedding. Obviously our wedding was filled with camera and people were not necessarily 100 percent comfortable with that at all times so I give it to them. That wasn't their life and they were there to support us.So we were grateful for that. Aren't you doing another show though about marriage and making the marriage work and counseling. We are is that so you would have to hit some rough patches. It's marriage boot camp. It's for us. We want to show people that no matter how long you have been married. No matter how happy you are because ryan and I are the happiest we have ever been. Truly. Okay. No matter how happy you are you have to work on your marriage. You have to put effort that it. What is the problem with actually working on it and getting other people advice and actually focusing on your marriage? We work so hard at our job. Every single tape. Our bodies. And our bodies exactly and being healthy. Why can't you work on the marriage. I think it's funny that all these people are lick my gosh. Er doing marriage boot camp why are they. Must be something wrong. There's nothing wrong we just want to be better. Nothing wrong so that helps it. You must be better commune indicators. Most couple married a long time the big thing you get in the rut, you have your certain roles you play in communication you say it's key. I think communication is huge. Ryan and I are not perfect at communication and we wanted to learn tips. We never went to pre-marital counseling before we got married. Engaged after 6 weeks and married after a year and wea year and we got into marriage. It's a con isn't work in progress. I think it's something that you should do as a married kim. When you fight are you a pouter are you a yeller. I'm a important it. Nobody like as pouter. I'm a silent. I know that's not good. It's too late bit time it comes out of you. Damage has been done. She's held it in for too long. I hold it n.So does ryan that's the worst because we fight and we separate and we don't talk about it. So we learned a lot of great tips the on how to communicate. Do you know what is great. You renew your vows after 10 years. Somebody once told me you should renew them every 10 years because the person you marry in your 20's is a different person in their 30's. It's a different person in the 40's. You have to look at them in these 10 year increment because people change. Right. Can I have person now. And different people tochlingt you are a can I have individually and as a couple. It's a great idea. Maybe you will see us in another 10 hopefully. You are the guru of this. Everybody come out from all the season asking you questions because me from reality tv I get call. So and so from season 12 can you help me. Yes we do I have talked to a lot of the couple amend not necessarily are they reaching out to me in particular but a lot of people in the press will say what advice do you have for everyone. Honestly I think it's just having fun. Being yourself and pressuring and being grateful. You have the prur. You can't fail or the whole thing is a depwobling. Because there is a waste land of those who have not worked out and we take a look at them. Yes. With that. Sit tight.