'True Blood' Newbie Natasha Alam On Shooting Nude Scenes With Alexander Skarsgard & Posing For Playboy

Natasha Alam is the latest beauty to join the cast of “True Blood,” and the statuesque actress, whose first on screen appearance on the show occurs on Sunday’s Season 3 premiere, will be making plenty of waves in the coming weeks.

As Yvetta, a new dancer at Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgard) club Fangtasia, Natasha will be spending plenty of time in various states of undress and she told AccessHollywood.com about shooting one scene that finds her without a scrap on.

“Actually, when we shot it, I just had a baby,” Natasha – coincidentally Playboy’s newest cover star — revealed at Tuesday night’s Season 3 premiere in Los Angeles. “I actually am about 10 pounds overweight in that scene, but I love my boobs! I was still breast feeding so it looked great.”

Although nudity is nothing new to the Alan Ball directed series, based on Charlaine Harris much-beloved books, Natasha was slightly nervous about filming a scene with co-star Alexander, but the Swede made things easy.

“I’ve never done nudity before, so I was really, really worried at how I’m gonna, what’s the rule, how [are] you supposed to handle yourself and stuff and Alexander helped me so much,” she explained. “He just walked in, in the room, dropped his robe and he was all out there, no sock, nothing and I was like, ‘Oh, OK, so [it’s] that easy? I can do it too.”

The actress, and mom, isn’t just disrobing on the popular HBO show, she also jumped at the chance to appear on the July cover of Playboy, which Access asked her how she came to pose for.

“It’s Playboy! It’s a legend. I wanted to be in Playboy since… As an actress, it was my dream,” she said. “So then finally, my publicist called and [asked] if [I wanted] do it and she was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if we should do it’ and I was like, ‘YES!’”

And her first thoughts on seeing the cover?

“That looks hot!” she squealed. “I love it!”

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