Warner Bros. Planning 7 Superhero Films Including 'Shazam' New 'Green Lantern'?

Henry Cavill seen in 'Man Of Steel' Henry Cavill seen in 'Man Of Steel'

“The Avengers” (and all of its adjacent movies) could have some serious competition at the box office in the coming years, if a new report about Warner Bros. Pictures’ slate of superhero films isn’t doused with Kryptonite.

According to NikkiFinke.com, the WB will announce a slew of new projects at Comic-Con in July, including some surprises.

The reported superhero slate includes these films:

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“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”: Previously announced, this project stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, and is due out May 2016.

“Shazam”: The story of a man given powers my a magic lightning bolt, the character was previously called Captain Marvel, but was changed for obvious reasons. Due out July 2016, per NikkiFinke.com’s sources.

“Sandman”: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly linked to the Neil Gaiman’s fantasy series set in the world of dreams, due in December 2016.

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“Justice League”: The teaming up of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and possibly more, due in May 2017.

“Wonder Woman”: This previously rumored project, starring Gal Gadot (who will also appear in “BvS”) reportedly drops in July 2017.

Flash & Green Lantern team-up movie: According to Finke, Ryan Reynolds will not be asked back to play the lantern-wielding space hero. The new project will reportedly debut in December 2017.

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“Man of Steel” sequel: Another Superman story reportedly due in May 2018, according to Finke.

A rep for Warner Bros. was not immediately available for comment when contacted by Access.

-- Jesse Spero

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