What Do Heidi Klum's 'Project Runway' Co-Stars Think Of Her Sexy Ad?

Heidi Klum seen in an ad for "Project Runway" Season 9 Heidi Klum seen in an ad for

Heidi Klum is wearing nothing but a pink silk tie and a smile in her new racy ad for the upcoming season of “Project Runway,” but what do her style guru friends think about the host baring almost all?

Access Hollywood caught up with the “Runway” stars at a taping for an upcoming episode of Lifetime’s hit series in New York City on Friday morning where they dished on Heidi assets.

“I’m happy that I did not have to be photographed in a similar situation because I do not look like Ms. Klum,” designer and “Runway” judge Michael Kors told Access. “I think it’s fantastic… Heidi proves that there is hope for all women that are moms. She looks amazing, sexy with a sense of humor, which is very Heidi.”

Fellow judge, Nina Garcia was in agreement with Michael.

“How phenomenal is Ms. Klum after four kids!?” she said. “She’s amazing. I love it. Her hair, her skin, her body, she’s beautiful and nice.”

As for the face (and now body) of “Runway,” Heidi herself was surprised that the network asked for an almost all-nude ad (Heidi is also sporting Tim Gunn’s famous catchphrase, “Make it work!” on her arm).

“I never get too shy to take my clothes off, but I was a bit surprised that Lifetime wanted me to do that,” the blonde beauty explained.

“As long as everything is not out and about,” she continued of where she draws the line. “I’ve never done complete nude, where you kind of see everything. It’s always good to leave a little bit to the imagination.”

“Project Runway,” kicks off on July 28 at 9 PM on Lifetime.

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