Where Is Justin Bieber's Mom: Why Has She Remained Mum Following His...

Where Is Justin Bieber's Mom: Why Has She Remained Mum Following His Arrest?

Following Justin Bieber’s recent missteps, there have been many reports that claim the troubled pop-star told the Miami police that his mom, Pattie, supplies him with prescription drugs for anxiety. She has always been her son’s most vocal defender, so why is she silent on Justin’s Miami arrest?

asking that people don't condemn Justin. She has been her son's most vocal defender but mysteriously silent on the latest Miami arrest. It's crazy when you see all the headlines an stuff. As you can imagine me as his mom I sometimes see the headlines just like everyone else. And you know he's 19. I don't talk to him every second of every day and so you know I look at it from a mom perspective. You can imagine how I picture these things. Porter: Worried but removed from her 19-year-old son every step. Our interview with patty came two week after Justin fell ill while on tour in Europe last year. Were you with him in the UK. I was. Reporter: Were you worried? He got ill there for a minute there. Annex hogs situation. Yes. I wasn't with him that night but he called me on his which to the hospital and he said I know you are going to hear it. I'm okay. And you know he had you know, something, I don't remember what happened. Reporter: Does the mom new at that point say listen if you feel like you might be pushing it too hard, stay back and relax a little bit. Of C Of course. Yes. Definitely. He's always about I don't want to dispoint the fans. I want to good for it. Reporter: What is your advice right now. To who. Reporter: Your boy. My boy? Just on so many different levels, I don't know, I just want him to know that I'm here and if he needs anything and wants anything, I'm not going anywhere. Reporter: Patty dealt with her own demons battling drug and alcohol addiction as well as depression which led to a suicide attempt. I try to take my life month before I was pregnant with Justin. L. Reporter: Before the im familiar us yellow lamborgini he used to drag race he had another exotic sports car. Now he has a ferrari. Don't ask. Go slow. These things are not meant for crusting around like, you know, yes. The streets of calabasas. High powered machines. Yes. Reporter: I'm sure just a text or tweet. Slow. Good advice. Yes. Now to Liz grammy