Whoa! Joey Lawrence Doesn't Mind Enthusiastic 'Blossom' Fans Wearing Out His Famous Catchphrase

Joey Lawrence in 1994, Joey Lawrence in 2011 Joey Lawrence in 1994, Joey Lawrence in 2011

It’s been 16 years since “Blossom” ended its five-year run, but Joey Lawrence (who played the lovable, yet not-so-bright, Joey Russo on the former NBC hit) says he still gets approached by fans who immediately utter his character’s famous one-word catchphrase, “Whoa!” – and, believe it or not, he’s still not sick of it!

“I don’t [get annoyed] because it’s sort of — it’s kind of why I’m here,” the 35-year-old actor told Kit Hoover and guest co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley on Wednesday’s Access Hollywood Live. “I don’t like people that forget about the journey that brought them to where they are.

“They go, ‘Ugh - I don’t want to talk about that,’” he continued. “And it’s like, ‘Well, if it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t be here.’”

Joey — who is releasing his new single, “Rolled,” on Wednesday night — now stars in the ABC Family series, “Melissa & Joey” alongside Melissa Joan Hart, who joined him for the interview.

“I taught my 5-year-old how to [say ‘Whoa!’] to drive Joey nuts!” Melissa, 35, said with a laugh.

“He’s afraid of doing it — there’s too much pressure though,” she added. “A lot of pressure for him to have to perform that and say it in just the right [tone].”

The second season of “Melissa & Joey” premieres tonight at 8 PM on ABC Family.

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