Wilmer Valderrama On Becoming A Monster In 'From Dusk Till Dawn: The...

Wilmer Valderrama On Becoming A Monster In 'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series'

Wilmer Valderrama tells Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live about playing a bad guy in “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.” Plus, Wilmer talks about his “That ‘70s Show” cast members and participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I already took care of him. A linche is like a rabid dog. Once it picks up O on your scent it is not easy. He may play a bad guy on el ray dusk to down but in real life we'll talk about his charity. I'm really excited. Actually I was talking really between commercial breaks that I'm in this crazy work out regimen of two a days and eating crazy amounts of thing back with a crazy cliff hanger. Carlos has to get very buff. You have to add how much. I think I have about O 10 more pounds to go. You boys and Hollywood. Men in Hollywood. I'm very lucky though because I have, you know, the best amazing trainers and gurus in town. I was trying to do it myself and I was like I don't know about this. I'm trying to do as many push ups. He goes okay let's figure this out. So now you're super bulky. Are you worried you are going to be like a little fire hydrant. I'm worried I'm going to be that guy who's only wearing tee shirts does nothing else fits. But I'm excited because it is a great chapter to create and make a type of range for this character and next season doing in unexpected. And next season already picked up and on netflix know. Big deal. Huge deal. Breaking bad. We were talking about this yesterday in the Emmy coverage and started so small. And netflix and everybody chimed in and started watching the episodes. And right now there are so many platforms where people can go on and be entertained. And being available on blu-ray and X box and itunes and it's incredible how you show can really find an audience now. You are so bad as Carlos. She he's just a bad. What do you get out of that character? It's really weird. I was talking to Robert Rodriguez about this and I went back to see some of the episodes to get my mind going what I was going to do in the second season. And it was kind of therapeutic. Really weird therapeutic.- a lovely guy between takes and you turn this thing on and become this monster. And it's blast. It's actually one of the most fun characters I've ever played. -- Evil guy? Yeah I'm trying not to play anything that you have ever seen. So I'm trying. Barry fez, once and for all. No, I will never forget that. And I'm -- Could there be a reunion? I won't say never because some cast and I have had loose conversations where it would be fun to get the band together. Whose in. Everyone is like yeah it would be a blast. So I don't put it out there but it might be that 70s movie, who knows. And Ashton and mee la, that's one phone call now. Yeah. Who knows. And. Of course. This is what's exciting. Is that, you know, the boys got, you know, they were so loud throughout the season of the 70s show and to see the girls come out and see her this Orange and see them in other movies it's beautiful to see the whole cast found a groove. They took a nice long break and said eventually okay. Time to roll out our leaves and make other noise. But look at her, she's amazing and just real, real actress. That's my netflix show. Speaking of the making a SP splash you did the ice bucket challenge. I did. Didn't you. I was hanging out with ash on the. This Ashton's house? We were hanging out for the weekend and I said hey the ice bucket challenge. And he. Just look hat that. And then he said we were having fun with dex and let's just go it now. And when are we going to do this? And let's just do it now. And the it was really really funny. I noticed Ashton's pool has so many toys in there. The noodle, a couple of noodles in there. You need the float. There are no swimming aged children in the house. Those are all for him. It was really cute. It's a beautiful home. And it feels really good there. Who did you challenge? Robert Rodriguez, which I think might have been a mistake because if anybody knows anything about Robert Rodriguez he's extreme guy. But I challenged him and I feel like it was so funny because I every day, I had four people challenge me. Tofuer was one. And demi. Demi said she challenged you and she was like come on. Let's do this. It's been a little difficult to get around the ice buckets. Listen, FYI, I actually donate for every challenge that I had. So I really encourage everyone to donate. Talk about your charity for a moment. Because "This helps" is what it's called. Necklace and tee shirts and people buy them and the money goes to educating children. So we're going to chart this multichapter rollout. So this helps.org the site. For every necklace and every tee shirt you provide one month education for a child. One month? It's one month of education. If you buy a necklace, I guess the point was that we wanted to create a sense of pride. Make it easy for you to be proud of wearing your necklace and the idea is that if you are thinking of buying this necklace, if you are already going to buy a tee shirt might as well have a tee shirt that benefits. Thishelps.org. And next chapter will be a different cause. Animals and trees and stuff like that. I love it. I'm in. Where he goes I go. Thank you guys. I love you by the way. From dusk till down. Binge-watching on netflix. And go to access hollywood.com. Coming up a brand new interview with Jennifer aniston,