There’s a close camaraderie among the cast and crew of “The Walking Dead.”

And, according to Norman Reedus, his fellow actors – even the new ones – are open (despite being on such a big hit show) to give a little advice when asked.

“The best thing about our show is there’s no ego on our show. None of our actors have any sort of ego whatsoever,” Norman, who plays Daryl Dixon on the AMC series, told on Thursday. “They really want you to do the best you can and we’ve become a really tight family down there. Like I can be in a scene with anyone on our show, any actor, and ask them, ‘Do you think I should try this? What do you think about this?’ and they’ll give me an honest answer.

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“And I think in a lot of jobs like this, it’s not always that way. But… we really do love each other and we really do have each other’s backs,” he said.

On screen, it’s the characters who are supportive of each other – although, in the preview for this week’s episode, times are looking a little tough for Norman’s Daryl and Emily Kinney’s Beth Greene.

The two of them on their own in the woods, Daryl can’t seem to catch a break when aiming at a squirrel, while Beth is looking filthier and filthier as each second of Season 4 goes by.

With so many pockets of former prison people now at serious odds against the walkers/biters and the landscape, did Rick’s gang really never think of arranging a meeting place in case of catastrophe?

“We shudda, yeah. The idea was get to the bus and bolt on the bus, but I don’t think anybody expected a tank to roll in, you know what I mean?” Norman laughed.

“That’s kind of a cheap trick,” he added, referring to the move taken by The Governor’s campsite gang in their attempt to charge the prison at the end of the first half of “TWD’s” Season 4.

Splintering of the prison group just wasn’t something any of them, including Daryl, expected to happen.

“The deal was, we said in previous episodes, like we thought The Governor was gone. I say to Michonne, ‘The trail went cold and you should stop looking and if it didn’t, I’d have been right out there with you,’” Norman recounted.

“I think their escape plan was a zombie escape plan,” he continued. “It wasn’t a person escape plan and it should have been thought out a little bit more. As you see on the show, it’s like one disaster after another, all the time on that show. Even when [Rick] tells me about Carol, it’s like, that conversation’s not over. I don’t really get time to process that before we get attacked.”

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday night at 9/8c on AMC.

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