2017 Hollywood Walk Of Fame Honorees Announced

The 2017 Hollywood Walk of Fame honorees were
announced on Tuesday, via an exclusive live
stream and also on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame’s official website.

“The Walk of Fame Selection
Committee is thrilled to announce our newest honorees to the Hollywood Walk of
Fame. The Committee looked carefully at each nominee and we feel that we have
selected a great group of talent that will appeal to the tastes of many fans
around the world,” 2016-2017 Chair of the Walk of Fame Selection Committee
Vin Di Bona said at the live stream.

“As a Walk of Famer myself, I
know these honorees will look back at the day of their ceremony and remember it
with fond memories shared with family and friends, and of course, the fans. We
look forward to their big day as the Walk of Fame Class of 2017 become part of
Hollywood history on this famous Walk,” Di Bona concluded.

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Motion picture honorees include: Jason Bateman, Amy Adams,
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chris Pratt, Goldie Hawn, Brett Ratner,
Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Rita Wilson and George A. Romero.

Television honorees include: Eva Longoria, Tyra Banks, Sarah
Silverman, Jeffrey Tambor, Hugh Laurie, Lee Daniels, Keri Russell, Ham Saban,
George Segal, Wolfgang Puck, Ken Corday, and Andre Braugher.

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Recording honorees include: Hall & Oates, Ice Cube, John
Legend, *NSYNC, New Edition, Clarence Avant, Jerry Goldsmith (posthumous), and
Selena Quintanilla (posthumous).

Live theatre/live performance honorees include: Criss Angel,
Jeff Dunham and Gustavo Dudamel.

For radio, the solo honoree is Elvis Duran.

Stephanie Swaim

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