25 Minutes To Your Best Body Ever! (Healthy Hollywood)

Ok, Healthy Hollywood seems to be the last one doing the at-home workout, INSANITY. I keep hearing from both men and women how they’ve dropped major pounds doing this exercise program.

The INSANITY DVD series is the brainchild of fitness guru, Shaun T, who I’ve been informed by my trainer is the biggest name in the workout world. So, I had to find out more.

It just so happens he’s developed a new program, FOCUS T25. “It’s the best 25 minutes of your life. Really, it’s the best 25 minutes of fitness out there. If you want to work out and not waste time, this is the program for you,” reveals Shaun T to Healthy Hollywood.

I have yet to try it, but I am definitely, going to give it a go. This intense cardio-fest is a ten-week program and it’s divided into three phases. “The first phase is where you build your foundation of fitness. It is cardio, upper body and lower body resistance, ab and core work. The next phase emphasizes the core and includes total body workouts and cardio as well. The last phase Gamma is my favorite and is focused on strength and resistance training. You are working the large muscle groups and really burning fat. Each phase contains my crazy “speed workouts” fast paced, cardio and folks are really raving about it,” adds Shaun T.

Plus, the best news is you don’t need a lot of space or equipment to do the routine. And, you could see results in the first week. Sign me up! Healthy Hollywood’s goal is to be ripped by the New Year.

“We constantly change the focus minute by minute so you’re always working one part of the body but always resting an area too. No nonsense. No wasted time. In today’s world, it seems like everyone is short on time and it was important to me to create an effective program that only takes 25 minutes so the time factor is not an excuse not to get fit and stay fit,” explains Shaun T.

Now, if only Shaun T could come over to my house and give me a one-on-one training session. But, I’ve got the next best thing, his inspiring on-camera physique.

For more on FOCUS T25, check out www.beachbody.com

-- Terri MacLeod

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