4 Reasons To Look Forward To The Return Of Mad Men

“Mad Men” returns to AMC on Sunday night (April 7) with a two-hour Season 6 premiere, kicking off at 9/8c.

The cast has been very tight-lipped about what’s to come, but AccessHollywood.com has managed to uncover a few hints about what’s ahead.

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Here’s our list of reasons to be excited for the show’s return, including things we’ve confirmed, and those we’re hopeful for!

The Return of Peggy Olson! Other people’s journeys in previous seasons by may have lead them off the screen (like Sal Romano, who in Season 3 was cut from the company after spurning the advances of Lucky Strike’s Lee Garner Jr.) but Peggy’s exit from the firm at the end of Season 5 didn’t doom her to a fate off screen. Elisabeth Moss told Access, “I am on ‘Mad Men’ and I do play Peggy,” at the show’s recent Los Angeles premiere. She also revealed we are unlikely to see Peggy in “any beads or long hair any time soon.” But, beyond that, Elisabeth was totally tight-lipped. “I don’t think I can tell you exactly where I will be returning to, but I think you know where I left off last season — I got a new little job. We’ll see what happens.”

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Sassy Sally (Draper): As Jon Hamm recently pointed out to Access, “Kiernan [Shipka], who plays my daughter, she’s grown over half her age on the show.” Now 13 in real life (and we assume a similar age when the show returns), our fingers are crossed that Sally will continue to bring the smarts and sass that have made her journey so intriguing to follow on the show. We can only hope she’ll keep giving buttoned-up Betty (January Jones) a run for her money as a mom.

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Vintage Fashions: As the promo photos for Season 6 have shown – plaid is in, hair is getting longer and everyone is getting a lot tanner on “Mad Men.” “Everyone gets a little groovier,” Christina Hendricks hinted to Access. “Joan sort of knows what works for her, so she takes a few new things and a few old things and mixes them together.” Out with the old will be the motto for Megan, according to Jessica Pare. “Megan’s costumes will only be getting more fabulous and less practical.” But don’t expect much of a change with Betty Draper, according to January Jones. “Betty’s sort of found her niche in 1955 and has sort of stayed with that.”

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The Mystery Of The Poster: That magical key art for Season 6 showing Don Draper turning to look back while passing a man in the street, prompted a host of questions, not just about the other fellow (is it Dick Whitman? A ghost? A secret twin?), but queries over whose hand he is holding. The end of Season 5 closed out with Don chatting with a woman at the bar – so is he still with Megan? Has he gone back to Betty? Has he found another woman? “I think there’s a healthy amount of anticipation,” Jon Hamm told Access about the upcoming season. “Hopefully that will be well founded. And we’re very excited. We’re almost done shooting the season so I know how it all turns out. Hopefully people will enjoy watching it.”

“Mad Men” returns to AMC on Sunday night at 9/8c.

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