5 Fitness Tips For Working Moms

In today’s Healthy Hollywood feature: I would love to have the luxury of being able to work out as much as I like and always eat healthy. However, the sad reality is I’m sometimes too busy to fit it all in. I know pathetic excuse. But it’s true, unfortunately taking care of me can be the first thing to go!

Like many career moms, I’ve got a busy job, a tight financial situation and I’m a single mom. And, some weeks are just more packed with after work commitments than others.

And, this is one of those weeks – big sigh! So, there’s been no gym and my diet has consisted of grab ‘n go food. And, my slim down summer plan has been de-railed. Say it ain’t so!

I decided to seek out the advice of another busy mom, Redbook magazine’s fashion director Audrey Slater. She’s the mother to an 8-year-old daughter but somehow always seems put together and on top of her wellness game. So, what’s her secret?

Audrey shared with me her game plan to staying active and how she plans to kick it up a few notches health and fitness-wise before beach season.

  1. Exercise classes 5-6 days a week, with emphasis on cardio. That means Anna Kaiser’s AKT Inmotion high intensity interval dance classes at least twice a week and one spin session with Soul Cycle’s master instructor Laurie Cole. I also make sure to squeeze in a strength-focused class with Courtney Romano at Bari Studio.
  2. I take it outside on the weekends. Now that our endless winter has finally signed off, I’m hitting the road with 5 mile runs in the fresh air. The minute the temp hits 70, I’m jumping on my paddle board!
  3. My husband is a Cross Fit devotee, and he’s taking The Whole Life Challenge for the second time this May. He’s very committed to the food piece, and since I’m the family cook, I’m basically in whether I like it or not. No processed food, sugar, wheat in our house for 56 days.
  4. Quitting my tanning addiction! My whole life I’ve been a sun worshipper, and it’s the hardest habit I’ve ever had to kick. Sunscreen and a cute fedora are my new go-tos.
  5. Finally, to keep me motivated and excited to suit up, I’m switching out standard black workout pants for fun prints and brights, which are everywhere right now.

For some more wellness tips, check out the May issue of Redbook magazine.

-- Terri MacLeod

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