5 Spring Color Style Tips!


We’re less than a week away from spring, so it’s the perfect time to break out the color!

Not sure of how to incorporate brights into the mix? The brand spanking new InStyle (on sale tomorrow) shows you how!

Red: Amp Up The Energy (With Taylor Swift’s Fave Color)
If you’re extra weary of color, start out small with a red lip. For a perfectly primed pout, exfoliate lips with a soft toothbrush before swiping on an intense matte shade.For a chic take on an unexpected outfit, pair red with lime, salmon, chocolate or fuchsia.

Yellow: Show Your Smarts (Like Kerry Washington)
If you’re wearing a top or dress with subtle hints of yellow, play it up by accessorizing with a bright yellow bag. Solid canary accessories complement dark skin, while buttery options are the best bet for pale complexions. Get creative by pairing yellow with navy, red, sky blue or black.

Aqua: Take A Virtual Vacation (Like Selena Gomez)
Pair the marine tone with darker shades of blue for a monochromatic look. Pair aqua with scarlet, khaki, peach or navy for a fresh look.

Citron: Win A Vote Of Confidence
Citron draws the eye in, so choose wisely when you wear it. Citron slacks will call attention to your legs while a bright citron top will highlight your upper half. Pair Citron with navy, yellow, tangerine or pewter for a show stopping ensemble.

Green: Strike A Balance
Accessorize a bold green dress with simple gold jewelry, like thin hoop earrings. Up the elegance by pairing green with navy, eggplant, spruce or black.


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