5 Ways To Wear White Now!


I’ve been wearing white jeans quite a bit lately. I actually started wearing them in February.

Even though that old rule that you can’t wear white before Memorial Day doesn’t really apply anymore, I know I’m still jumping the gun a bit.

Here are a few ways to work white into your wardrobe now…

Toughen Things Up
There’s nothing I love more than pairing white jeans with a leather moto jacket- preferably in black. When it’s on the chilly side, I will throw on a black turtleneck, black jacket and black moto boots- bam! My version of winter white. Zoe Saldana nails the white jeans look with her structured jacket, scarf and sweater.

White With Weight
If the calendar and the thermometer still say “Winter”, make sure the white you wear is a fabric with substance like denim as opposed to lightweight cotton or linen. White jeans are great, but save the cute white eyelet sundress for later. (Unless, of course, you are in Miami or some other tropical clime. If that’s the case, then go for it!) And pair your white with solid, sturdy textures, like leather, a light merino wool, or heavier cotton to help ground the look. Eva Longoria’s chunky cotton sweater helps add texture to the look. Throw on a jacket with this outfit and it can be worn during cooler temperatures.

Pair With Strong Colors
Use darker, rich, bold colors with white to make the style transition seamless. White and black are always a winning combination. White and navy works too, as does white with emerald green or cobalt blue. This week I wore white jeans with an emerald green blouse and navy wool school boy blazer. Save the girly pastels for later in the Spring.

Accessories Matter
The goal is to work white into your wardrobe, not dive in head first. That means save your straw bag and other summer materials for later in the season. I’ve been pairing my white jeans with a light grey suede satchel. Leather also works well for both bags and shoes. We can get away with summery sandals out here, but most places you will still need closed-toe shoes. Ankle boots (mine are taupe suede) are the perfect transitional footwear. Oxfords and ballet flats work and for a fun weekend look, wear wedge sneakers or one of Spring’s big trends- slip-on sneakers in fun prints.

White In Smaller Doses
My Southern friends would never wear white pants before Memorial Day (or after Labor Day, for that matter). If it just doesn’t feel right for you, you can still feel Spring-like wearing a crisp white button down or new white tee. It’s all about what feels appropriate and good for you.

-- Ryan Patterson

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