911 Transcripts Reveal New Details Of Natasha Richardson’s Struggle For Life

A vivid picture of the first five hours of the struggle to save Natasha Richardson’s life following a fall during a ski lesson has emerged in a Canadian newspaper.

Transcripts of the 911 radio dispatches and emergency calls following the actress’ skiing accident at Mount Tremblant in Quebec on Monday, March 16, and obtained by Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, detail the actress’ condition as she struggled against the epidural hematoma that eventually killed her.

Richardson fell during a ski lesson at the resort and paramedics were called right away.

“Priority 3, Tremblant Resort … (inaudible) … female, 42 years old, 17 Bravo 1 … 12:43, assigned 12:44,” came the first call, according to the newspaper.

Code 17 reportedly means a fall, while Bravo 1 means possibly dangerous.

The second call came at 1 PM, when medics signaled “10-17,” meaning they’d arrived on the site.

Just 11 minutes later, a ski patroller told the caller that it was a “10-3” – a canceled job.

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, a spokesperson for the ski resort said Richardson felt unwell later in the afternoon and medical help was summoned.

According to the Globe and Mail, at 2:59 PM another 911 message came from the ski resort.

“Priority 1, Mont Tremblant. We’re talking about the side, facing the south side of The Shack. It will be at the Hotel Quintessence, Suite No. 11. For a female, 41 years old. 17 Delta 1,” a code signifying an updated urgency level for a fall. (Natasha’s age was incorrect in this message and an earlier one – she was 45.)

By 3:55 PM, Richardson was in an ambulance heading for Laurentians hospital when the next radio call came, reporting that the star was responding to speech and verbal stimulus but was confused and otherwise unresponsive.

“I’m arriving with a female in her 40s, presently at verbal [responds to verbal stimulus but otherwise fades out], disoriented 0 out of 4,” the message stated. “It’s following a story, a ski fall that happened at noon. Soon afterward she presents signs of confusion, a concussion. Glasgow at 12 … vital signs: 124 on 86, breathing 100 percent with O2, cardiac sequence at 70. We’ll be there in about eight minutes.”

“Glasgow at 12” recognizes a brain injury, while “breathing 100 percent with 02” means she was being given oxygen.

The transcripts end with a call at 5:55 PM, as Natasha was transported to Montreal with an escort (code 10-48) on the highest priority level (“Priority 2”).

Natasha was later transported to New York for further hospitalization. She died in NYC on Wednesday, March 18. A funeral was held last Sunday.

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