A ‘Stronger’ Kelly Clarkson Talks Love: The Single Guys I Meet Are ‘Just Giant Tools’

Kelly Clarkson has sold more than 20 million records worldwide since winning “American Idol” back in 2002. She adds to that with the release of her new album, “Stronger.”

While she has the busy life of an international superstar, Kelly has yet to find love as she told Access Hollywood Correspondent, Jill Martin.

“I was reading an article you did recently – ‘I’m single, and people always say to me—” Jill began.

”‘Why?’ ‘What’s wrong with you?’ ‘Are you gay?’” Kelly jumped in, repeating the questions she gets asked. “First of all, that’s highly offensive to gay people. Just because people are single, does not mean they’re gay.”

Kelly explained romance has been hard because it takes a backseat to her job.

“People don’t realize — I work a lot,” she said. “While I’m working and when I’m not working, I’m always around married people. Literally, I maybe run across three single people a year.

“Usually, when the single people do come around, they’re just giant tools,” Kelly added. “I will find every tool in the shed. Just watch.”

Kelly turns 30 next year on April 24, but is she hoping to fall in love in her 30th year?

“I think everyone is dying to fall in love,” she said. “We’d be lying if we said otherwise. People always say, ‘You’ll find it when you’re not looking.’ Seriously? When is a single woman not looking?

“There’s not a day I wake up and go, ‘I’m so OK with being alone with my dogs for the rest of my life,’” Kelly added.

While her love life may be in a holding pattern, her career is not. Kelly has a new album, “Stronger” and Thursday marks the debut of her VH1 “Unplugged” performance.

“It’s such a cool environment,” she said of the appearance. “Everybody that works with me knows I love the whole acoustic section of my tour the most. Whenever we go on tour, we break things down in the middle of the set. That’s always my favorite.”

One thing that’s not a favorite of Kelly’s is when her figure makes headlines.

“Does that bother you?” Jill asked.

“Of course it does. It’s stupid. I’m not a model. I just love the music industry and I love making music,” she said. “Sometimes I work out more, sometimes I eat more. I… just find it silly and fruitless. That’s what’s annoying, but it’s happened for the past 10 years, so at this point I’m like, ‘Really? A fat joke? That’s new.’ I’m over it at this point.”

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