A Tale Of Two Peytons: Jessie’s Peyton List On Sharing Her Famous Name With Other Peyton List

It’s not uncommon for Hollywood actresses to share a first name – Jennifer Aniston/Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson/Kate Winslet, and so on – but rarely do they share the exact same name.

However, that’s the case for two young ladies both currently working on popular TV shows — and both named Peyton List.

Their differences, however, end at their unique name. One plays a spoiled teenager on the popular Disney Channel show “Jessie”, the other a mysterious telepathic twenty-something on CW’s new supernatural thriller “The Tomorrow People” (formerly Jane Sterling on “Mad Men”).

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Access Hollywood spoke with teenage Peyton (who actually goes by Peyton R. List in some cases, to help avoid confusion) at the opening of Knott’s Scary Farm in Anaheim, Calif., to get the scoop on the shared name.

“It’s really weird! What are the odds? It’s not like a common name and we spell it the same way and everything,” the 15-year-old “Jessie” star chuckled about the identity crisis.

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The acting union SAG-AFTRA makes every effort to discourage actors from using the same name but somehow this one slid through.

“I guess I signed up with my real name and she signed up with her middle name,” the younger Peyton explained.

As it turns out, the two actresses not only share a name in common they also once shared a scene together.

“We worked together in like a soap opera when I was really young,” Peyton revealed.

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Access Hollywood did some digging and found out both ladies worked on the soap opera “As The World Turns” where the elder Peyton had a regular role as Lucy Montgomery.

They even crossed paths recently, which caused a huge mix-up with their TV productions.

“We stayed at the same hotel actually at one point and we got each other’s call sheets and I got voicemails for her and she got the same thing from me,” the teen added.

Of course, there is a silver lining — having the exact same name hasn’t caused a problem for Michelle Williams (the “Brokeback Mountain” actress) or Michelle Williams (the former Destiny’s Child singer) so perhaps they can just co-exist peacefully.

Catch Peyton List on “Jessie” on Disney Channel and/or Peyton List on “The Tomorrow People” on The CW.

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