Aaron Paul Brings Breaking Bad To Saturday Night Live

Live from New York, it’s Saturday night, b*tch!

Aaron Paul made a surprise cameo on “Saturday Night Live’s” Season 39 premiere this weekend, one day before the series finale of “Breaking Bad” airs on Sunday.

During the show’s cold open, Aaron appeared as his “Breaking Bad” character, Jesse Pinkman, during President Obama’s (played by Jay Pharoah) speech about Obamacare.

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“I had this friend and he got sick. Like, cancer sick. But because there wasn’t Obamcare, he couldn’t afford treatments. So he was like, backed into a corner,” Aaron (as Jesse) said, referencing Walter White, Bryan Cranston’s star character of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

“So, he did what any of us would have done. He started cooking meth,” he continued. “And soon it wasn’t just meth. It was murder. And not regular murder. Like—he blew half a guy’s face off.”

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The “Breaking Bad” star, 34, later resurfaced for two more bits in the Tina Fey-hosted premiere – including a commercial parody for eMeth (a meth pipe cousin to the eCig), and an appearance alongside “Weekend Update’s” Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan), where he played “meth nephew.”

In addition to “Breaking Bad” references, the show also included a parody of HBO’s “Girls,” starring new cast member Noel Wells as Hannah, with Vanessa Bayer as Shoshanna, Kate McKinnon as Jessa, Cecily Strong as Marnie and Taran Killam as Adam.

Tina Fey joined the “Girls” as new castmember Blerta – an older woman from Albania — who cautioned Noel’s pajama-clad Hannah that she would never find a man better than Adam, as he is “strong like ox,” and she is “weak and soft and dressed like baby.”

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