Access Hollywood Live: Wolfgang Puck’s Vegetable Paella

World renowned chef Wolfgang Puck is cooking up a feast for the stars at the post-Oscars Governor’s Ball. On Friday, Wolfgang stopped by Access Hollywood Live to share some of the recipes he’ll be dishing out to the stars.

Here is his recipe for a vegetable paella…

Wolfgang Puck’s Vegetable Paella

Sofrito (makes 1 serving)
1/4 red pepper, small dice
1/4 yellow pepper, small dice
1 scallion, whites sliced very thin
1 garlic cloves
1/4 red onion

Place all ingredients into a sauté pan and cook slowly until it has cooked down. It should begin to blend together almost forming a

Vegetable Stock (makes 1 serving)
1/2 fennel bulb
1/2 pound corn
2 celery stalks
1 white onion
1/2 carrot
1 cup of canned plum tomatoes
3 scallions
1 tbs. coriander seeds
1 tbs. fennel seeds
1 tsp. crushed red chili flake
1 tsp. saffron threads
1tsp. granulated garlic
1 tsp. granulated onion
2 tbs. cup Spanish paprika

Add enough water to cover all vegetables in the pot and bring to a boil. Simmer for 5 to 7 minutes.

Paella Topping
fava beans
haricot verts
diced leeks
English peas
Chopped parsley
Blanch all vegetables in the
vegetable stock.

Strain the vegetable stock and add Sofrito to make the rice. Using 2 oz long grain rice and 4 oz paella stock per single serving, cook for 15 to 17 minutes at 375 degrees inside the oven.

When cooked, let the paella rest for5 minutes before serving. To finish the dish, cover with the blanched vegetables.

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