Access Investigates: The ‘Manny’ Syndrome

Matthew Perry made it funny on ?Friends? three years ago. And now, thank to high-profile employers like Britney Spears, the ?manny? is a bold idea who?s time has finally come.

?A man as a nanny?? Heidi Klum asked.

Yep. Meet Perry Taylor (affectionately referred to at Access Hollywood as Perry Poppins). Perry is a graduate of the Naval Academy trained in ?surface warfare.? Obviously, the perfect background for maneuvering lil? Sean Preston?s stroller through the pesky paparazzi.

Indeed, Perry is Britney?s ?manny.?

?Is that what she has?? Heidi asked Access Hollywood?s Tim Vincent of Britney?s new helper.

?Yes,? Tim explained.

?Oh why not!? Heidi laughed.

In fact, it?s an idea most stars have no problem with.

?I would hire anybody who?s qualified to take care of my child,? Sarah Jessica Parker laughed. ?I don?t care about the gender. It?s irrelevant to me.?

But for some, a ?manny? is an uncomfortable concept to digest. NBC tackled the topic with Freddie Prinze Jr. in season nine.

Mr. Schwimmer, care to give us your take?

?What kind of job is that for a man? A nanny?!? David Schwimmer?s Ross character said. ?So your just like a guy who is a nanny??

?I realize how unorthodox it is for some people,? Freddie?s character responded.

Of course, before it was ?Friends,? it was ?Murphy Brown,? ?Who?s The Boss? and ?Mr. Belvedere.? Even Vin Diesel in ?The Pacifier? helped pave the way for the male nannies.

?I would hire a manny, especially because I?m a single mom,? Camryn Manheim told Access. ?It would be great to have a male influence around the kid a lot.?

?Maybe in the future it?s nice to have a male nanny because they can run around in the park and play football, play hockey, play all the male sports. I think it?s a great idea,? new mom Melania Trump added.

Even The Donald?s ?Apprentice? executive producer Mark Burnett was once himself a baby-toting ?manny.?

Although the former Special Forces soldier (sounds sort of like our beloved Perry) was more open talking about it three years ago with Access? Tony Potts on ?Survivor? island.

?I was a male nanny. It was the only job I could get. It was supposed to be temporary,? Burnett laughed.

Fast forward back to 2006, as Tim Vincent catches up with Heidi Klum to talk about the idea.

?Do you think a man could do the job as well as a woman,? Tim asked Heidi.

?Why? Are you looking for a new job? Do you want to be my manny?? Heidi joked.

?As long as it?s part time,? Tim laughed.

?You would be a very good manny. You get the job,? Heidi smiled. ?I?ll take you.?

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