Access Investigates: Young, Rich, Famous & A Mess

Mischa Barton was busted for DUI… Lindsay Lohan was arrested twice… Nicole Richie was sentenced to jail… Paris Hilton served 23 days in jail… Eva Mendes is in rehab… Kristen Dunst was in rehab with Eva — what do all these women have in common? They are young, rich, famous… and a mess – Access investigates this troubling celebrity epidemic.

"You become more and more isolated as a human being in the world," Dunst once told Access of fame.

Perhaps those feelings of isolation, from living in a celebrity bubble played a role in why 25-year-old Kristen Dunst checked into Utah’s famed Cirque Lodge on February 7.

The rehab of choice for celebs, Lindsay Lohan spent two months there. Now, Dunst is seeking treatment alongside another young Hollywood star, Eva Mendes.

Showing no signs of distress in December, Eva surprised us all when she checked into the Utah facility.

"I always thought she had it together. She was successful, she wasn't always in the magazines," entertainment blogger Perez Hilton commented.

Perez has seen first hand this darker side of Hollywood, making his living off of partying with, and posting about, the stars.

Perez believes troubled Hollywood is nothing new, but because the paparazzi document almost every misstep now, it’s all uploaded online before damage control is done.

"Ten, 15, 20 years ago, publicists and the mainstream Hollywood machine had a lot more time to cover things, up," he said.

That’s why Mischa Barton owned up to her December DUI arrest. She candidly told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts about her regrets and why she’s publicly speaking out.

"I did feel bad about what happened and it was a low point for me," Mischa said.

But perhaps the most sensational downward spiral ever would be that of Britney Spears.

A bi-polar condition is being blamed for Britney’s erratic behavior and according to psychiatrist Dr. Jeff Gardere, certain factors may predispose celebs to that kind of self-destructive cycle.

"Many of these celebrities do have their own personal issues," he explained. "They feel insecure, they may have some issues with depression — they open themselves up to chemical addictions and alcohol abuse, perhaps even eating disorders and again they're surrounded by the ‘Yes’ people who wont tell them, ‘You really need help.’"

But, according to Perez, for some celebs, there’s a simpler explanation.

"Sometimes being a bad girl is good for business," he said.

Prime example? Paris Hilton. Locked up for 23-days, when the ex-con was excused in June, she created the convict catwalk.

In a stark contrast to Paris’ jailhouse exit, her 18-year-old brother, Barron Hilton, hid his face under a jacket after his own DUI arrest on Tuesday.

Lindsay Lohan definitely had to learn her lessons this past year. She went to rehab three times, was arrested twice and even served time in jail.

"She's made a lot of foolish mistakes, but that's not because she's stupid. It's because she's an addict. And she will always be an addict," Perez said.

Nicole Richie served her jail sentence for a DUI and she revealed to Access’ Billy Bush that when she found out she was expecting her daughter Harlow — with boyfriend Joel Madden, that was all the rehab she needed.

"I realized that I have a big responsibility and it is time for me to make some changes," she said.

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