Access On The Scene: The Royal Wedding From Start To Finish

It’s Royal Wedding day and Access Hollywood is live on the ground in London for all the details!

3:37 PM GMT - William and Catherine emerge from Buckingham Palace in his father, Prince Charles’ Aston Martin. Prince Wiiliam is behind the steering wheel, driving his bride, Catherine, home to Clarence House. Decorated in ribbons, the car also has a festive license plate reading “JU5T WED.” It also has an “L” on the car, indicating learner, perhaps a reflection of the Prince being a newlywed.

As William and his blushing bride left Buckingham Palace, he was paid a tribute. A yellow Royal Air Force air/sea chopper was flown over by members from William’s squadron.

With the reception over, the couple is heading for what is being called some “reflective time” by themeselves.

1:31 PM GMT: With a final wave to the thousands gathered below – and millions watching across the globe — Prince William takes his new bride’s hand as he and Princess Catherine retreat inside of the palace.

1:29 PM GMT: Perhaps prompted by the crowd, the newlyweds enjoy another kiss on the balcony – this one a bit longer than the first. Following their second kiss, the Royal Flyover soared over Buckingham Palace.

1:27 PM GMT: And there it is – the first kiss, albeit a very brief one!

1:25 PM GMT: Princess Catherine and Prince William step out onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace for their first public kiss as husband and wife. It appears Cathereine says “Oh wow!” to William as she sees the massive crowd below.

12:36 PM GMT: The wedding-goers begin to file out of the church now that the royals have left and are seen socializing. A tanned David Beckham and wife Victoria shake hands and chat with fellow wedding attendees about the magnificent event.

12:28 PM GMT: According to lip readers mentioned on Britain’s Sky News, Prince William said to Kate as he saw her, “You look lovely, you look beautiful.” He was also said to have joked to his new father-in-law of the wedding, “It was supposed to be a small family affair.”

12:27 PM GMT: The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrive back at The Palace, as do Prince Charles and Camilla.

12:26 PM GMT: Princess Catherine steps out of the carriage, her foot touching Buckingham Palace as a royal for the first time.

12:23 PM GMT: The pair hit the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace. After a quick partial loop, the newlyweds enter the gates of Buckingham Palace, Kate’s first time to enter a royal residence as a royal herself!

12:21 PM GMT: The normally serious faced Queen can be seen smiling in her carriage, bringing delight to the crowds.

12:19 PM GMT: The couple. in the 1902 State Landau carriage, arrive at The Mall, the area that leads up to Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry too is seen in an open carriage, riding with the pint-sized bridesmaids. Prince William continues to salute his military brethren, while Princess Catherine works on perfecting her royal wave.

12:15 PM GMT: William and Catherine round the corner into Horse Guard’s Gate, on the way up The Mall on the way to Buckingham Palace.

12:14 PM GMT: Flanked by the cavalry, William and Kate pass Whitehall and the War memorial. The Queen, in her adorable “sunny” suit (as the sun still isn’t out in the UK), follows in a glass carriage.

12:10 PM GMT: The carriage begins its journey to Buckingham Palace as nearly a million people line the parade route offering their love and support to the happy pair.

12:09 PM GMT: Prince William puts his white gloves back on before opening the door to his “Cinderella”-esque horse drawn carriage for his wife. The couple gets inside and exchange their first few words together following their marriage.

12:07 PM GMT: And it’s madness, the crowd on the streets are elated to celebrate this royal union.

12:06 PM GMT: The couple reach the edge of the Abbey and off into the world to begin their new life together as husband and wife.

12:04 PM GMT: William and Catherine make their way down the Abbey. Prince William holds his head just as his mother used to — slightly down, with those beautiful Spencer eyes occasionally looking up at the crowd with a slight smile. Catherine walks with her head held high as she smiles at the packed church, all on their feet to celebrate the tremendous moment.

12:01 PM GMT: Prince Charles and Camilla take their seats, having witnessed the signing of the register. The clergymen shortly follow and make their way out of the church.

12:03 PM GMT: Prince William and his WIFE Catherine emerge, their houses joined and history forever changed.

11:52 AM GMT: The family members step forward — Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Camilla, James, Carole Middleton, Michael Middleton and bridesmaid Pippa step forward to watch the signing of the register, officially signifying William and Kate are man and wife. The signing of the register is being held in private.

11:51 AM GMT: The wedding has ended and a rousing rendition of the British National Anthem is being performed.

11:31 AM GMT: The Lord Bishop of London gives a speech about marriage in a modern world, recognizing that around the globe people are celebrating and sharing in the celebrations of William and Kate’s big day. “This is, as every wedding day should be, a day of hope,” he notes. “You have made this decision today,” he continues on talking about the pair’s decision to wed, as William (who looks so much like his beloved mother) and Kate exchange another couple’s glance and a smile.

11:29 AM GMT: Members of the Access Hollywood team in Trafalgar Square have noted that everyone has been quiet throughout the wedding. 20,000 people and you can hear a pin drop.

11:23 AM GMT: Kate’s brother, James, gives a reading, as Kate and William exchanged a loving look, sharing a private moment.

11:20 AM GMT – William and Kate are officially pronounced husband and wife!

11:19 AM GMT: The Archbishop binds the couple’s hands together as a representation of the bonds of marriage.

11:08 AM GMT: William sees Kate for the first time and says, “you look beautiful!”

11:03 AM GMT: The wedding march begins! William and Harry return to the church and take their places!

11 AM GMT: Greeted by thousands of screaming well wishers, Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey a single woman and commoner, and will leave a royal and a wife.

10:56 AM GMT: Pippa leads in the two youngest bridesmaids to the Abbey. She’s got a shape and drape neckline, white dress. She looks shapely and gorgeous!

10:50 AM GMT: Kate gets in the car. She is wearing a dress with full sleeves and is very lacey. She has a tiara on her head. A woman believed to be Sarah Burton from Mcqueen, fixes her lace veil in the car. Kate’s father gets in the vehicle and the car takes off on its way to making a “commoner” a royal.

10:41 AM GMT: The Queen is on her way. She’s in a sprightly shade of yellow. She is accompanied by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in military uniform.

10:38 AM GMT: Prince Charles and Camilla depart Clarence House. He is wearing a full Royal Navy uniform, and traveling in a Rolls Royce.

10:30 AM GMT: Mrs. Carole Middleton and James have arrived at the Abbey. A serviceman opens the door to her car as Mama Middleton steps out, looking a little nervous. She and her son head into the ceremony in a low-key fashion. The Archbishop of Canterbury greets the family.

10:24 AM GMT: Mrs. Carole Middleton, in a sea foam blue dress, has departed The Goring hotel en route to her daughter’s Royal Wedding. She smiled that smile only a proud mother gets on a big day for her darling, all grown up, baby girl.

10:22 AM GMT: William chats with the Earl Spencer, his uncle Charles, Diana’s brother. Charles looks lovingly at his nephew as they share a few last minute words before the wedding.

10:21 AM GMT: William has reached the top of the Abbey. He’s greeting his Aunt Sarah, Diana’s sister. Harry too is greeting the Spencer clan.

10:17 AM GMT: William has arrived at the Abbey. Within the hour, his wedding will begin. He is stretching out his hands, clearly the nerves are running through him.

Having taken off his cap after entering the Abbey, the young Prince is playing with his hair as he greets the deacon of the Abbey.

10:13 AM GMT: Prince William has left his home for the last time as a single man. He’s wearing his new uniform, representing his place as a Captain of the Irish guard. The uniform is red, with a blue sash. His handsome brother Harry, his best man, is seated beside him. Both boys are are saluting the military as they drive past on their way to the Abbey, and waving to the fans. A royal day indeed!

They’ve revealed William wanted to come to the Abbey early so he could see all his friends before the service begins.

10:13 AM GMT: Prince William has left his home for the last time as a single man. He’s wearing his new uniform, representing his place as a Captain of the Irish guard. The uniform is red, with a blue sash. His handsome brother Prince Harry, his best man, is seated beside him. Both boys are saluting the military as they drive past on their way to the Abbey, and waving to the fans. A royal day indeed!

9:46 AM GMT: Elton John and David Furnish have arrived. Elton is wearing a dark suit with a cream vest and a purple tie, while David has on a gray vest and black tie. The crowd screamed and cheered when the pop star touched down at the Abbey and he waved back. It was revealed that Elton and David are the first civil partnership couple to ever attend a Royal Wedding!

9:34 AM GMT: Lord Spencer, Diana’s brother, has arrived. He is all smiles as he heads into Westminster Abbey to see his nephew marry his beloved Kate.

9:19 AM GMT: The Beckhams have arrived! David is in a long tailed suit, reportedly by Ralph Lauren. He has an unusual short collar and a gray tie. Victoria is in all black, wearing a beautiful long dress. She is also sporting a striking black Philip Treacy hat.

9: 06 AM GMT: Guests including Prince Harry’s sometime girlfriend Chelsy Davy have arrived at Westminster Abbey and been seated. Tanned and beautiful, Chelsy’s wearing a sea green dress with a wide neckline. She opted for a small gold-esque hairpiece style hat.

9:01 AM GMT: It’s Royal Wedding day and Access Hollywood is live on the ground in London as the festivities begin.

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